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  • Why The Crusades Were A Failure Essay

    Why the crusades were a failure The crusades were a series of battles from western Christians that was fought against muslims and other religious groups to reclaim the city of Jerusalem and to eliminate the threat against the Christians. The Crusades resulted in the crusaders seizing Jerusalem and holding it for only about 90 years. Following the first crusade were 8 other crusade attempts that were completely ineffective. Overall, the crusades were a failure. It only caused tensions between…

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  • Kingdom Of Heaven Themes

    Many themes are evident in the film Kingdom of Heaven. One of the more important themes is heroism within the film. The film began by showing how the hero in the film started off with hardship, but then continued to do good as a hero within the film. This film used martyrdom, equality of the people, and moral understanding to create this hero within the film. Martyrdom means to the characters in the film staying true to one’s self and doing what is right even if it means dying. This is first…

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  • Earthly Contrapasso In Dante's Inferno

    An Infernal Predicament Many people are intimidated by hell, yet Dante uncovers the after life, as he perceives it to be. Dante’s Inferno is an interpretation in guiding one through the importance of fulfilling a morally virtuous, Christian-belief enduring lifespan. Circle I, Limbo, is a valley filled with souls who allegedly never did anything morally wrong, but were not baptized and therefore not allowed into heaven. Dante’s beliefs in Inferno upon salvation, the afterlife and sinful nature…

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  • Charlemagne: Life In The Dark Ages

    I’m Angelica Silver. In the Dark Ages a lot of different things were going on, from living life completely by the sword. Government consists of little more than sending our bands or soldiers to collect taxes/tribute. The clergy are already a recognized class in society, but again many of the characteristics found in the medieval Church are not yet around. Communications are very slow and inefficient. Most of the population are peasants, subsistence farmers who make almost all of their food,…

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  • Essay On The Fourth Crusade

    Jerusalem. Conquered by Islamic armed forces in the seventh century, it had been recovered for Christendom by the First Crusade in 1099. In 1187, amid the Second Crusade and only 15 years before the doge's armada set sail, Jerusalem tumbled to the Muslim Saladin, who then stalemated a recuperation endeavor by the Third Crusade in 1189-1192. The Fourth Crusade was to take after another procedure which was to strike at Egypt, the base of Muslim power but it was never…

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  • Alzheimer's Research Papers

    Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive condition that occurs in the brain, begging in the hippocampus and continuing damage to the cerebrum, which effects the memory, thought and behavior of an induvial. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia. Dementia is not a specific disease, rather a general condition that describes an impairment of normal mental functions, such as that of memory loss that impedes normal day to day life. Approximately 60-80% of individuals experiencing dementia are victims of…

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  • The Historical Significance Of The Justinian Code In The Byzantine Empire

    • The historical importance of the word Justinian is that he was high ranking Byzantine nobleman that restored Rome’s fading glory. For example, he sent his general Belisarius to conquest North Africa from the Germanic tribes. Also, they seized Rome from the Ostrogoths. In addition to that, they seized most of Italy and some parts of Spain. • The historical significance of the term Justinian Code is that it is a set of uniform code that served the Byzantine Empire. The Code contained Rome’s…

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  • The Holy Land: The Crusades

    The crusaders went to the Holy Land many times. There were eight major Crusades, all of them were a failure except the very first one. The crusaders wanted to take back the Holy Land from the Muslims. The Crusades were a curious mix of God and warfare, two of the chief concerns of the Middle Ages (pg 289). The Crusades were based on the idea of a holy war against the infidels or unbelievers (pg 291). The Pope convinced a lot of people to go to the Holy Land to fight for it back. The crusader…

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  • Homeostasis Blood Pressure

    caused by the contraction of the ventricles and the amount of blood in the whole cardiovascular system. The mean blood pressure (the average pressure in the cardiac cycle) is coordinated in order to provide adequate blood transfer to the tissues.(Saladin,2001). The decrease of blood pressure is followed by an increase of heart rate.The normal blood pressure is 120 mm HG systolic and 80 mm HG diastolic blood pressure There are three main types of blood pressure regulation considering homeostasis:…

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  • The Role Of Feudalism In The Middle Ages

    In the early middle ages, a network of mutual obligations was the glue of the society. Powerful local lords divided their landholding among lesser lords. These lesser lords, or vassals, pledged service and loyalty to the greater lord. This system was implemented due to the Vikings, Muslims and Magyars. The powerful lords were the most powerful and influential in society, they were also called dukes and counts. The powerful lords had vassals, vassals can become other people’s vassals. Peasants…

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