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  • Road Salt Research Paper

    Many studies showed that road salt has negative effects on the survival rate of amphibian populations. According to Karraker, N. E., Gibbs, J. P., Vonesh, J. R., they found that large quantities of road salt decreased survival in both Spotted salamanders and Wood frogs. Survival of their embryos also decreased significantly. Amphibians have a lower chance to metamorphose, which is the process of an organism to develop into an adult, causing a lower a survival rate. Sanzo, D., and Hecnar, S. J. (2005, September 12), provided additional evidence of road salt’s effect on amphibian population decline. Their data produced r values of −0.28 and 0.66, proving that amphibian specie richness was negatively correlated with chloride concentration…

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  • Salamanders Case Study

    was to learn why male salamanders sexually gravitate towards female salamanders who are strongly gravid and a bit larger in regards to size. This study is quiet interesting, when speaking from a human’s perception because some men tend to court women who are highly fertile too. It’s quite interesting to know that in the animal kingdom things work a bit differently, but produce similar outcomes. Although understanding their behaviors can be quite complex, it’s always good to learn about different…

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  • The Axolotl: Water Monster

    completely or mature to an adult. “The Gills are the only physical maturation.” Says Dr. Reid ( There are only a few things that people are doing to save this animal. Not counting the fact that the Axolotl is not as popular as Iphones nowadays, but as much as people are on the phones and on the internet you would think that they would find information on it. Maybe if this world wasn’t so lazy and self centered then there would not be so many animals extinct. Some…

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  • Eurycea Rathbuni Essay

    Eurycea rathbuni otherwise known as Texas Blind Salamanders are incredible creatures that do not get their fair share of attention compared to animals such as cheetahs and lions. Specifically, they are only known to reside within the dark water filled caves of Edward’s Aquifer in Hays County, Texas.5 Thus, this species was discovered by the San Marcos National Fishery, which is now known as Texas State University.5,6 In 1967, Eurycea Rathbuni was listed as an endangered species, and within ten…

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  • Four Major Ideas Of Communism In The Hearth And The Salamander

    leaves him soon after he gets involved with it. She is a conformist rather than a revolutionary, as many are in the novel solely because conformity is a more stable life style than risky and rigorous revolutions. Guy Montag, soon after realizing his actions, in which he attempted to reduce turmoil and individualism (which are in vain for individualism is in infinite supply), caused a mass amount of destruction, but overall did not reduce the amount of disorder in the unbalanced equation of life.…

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  • Ferry Beach State Park History

    A pocket swamp is formed when “water travels to the coast via inland streams, but it pools behind dunes that block it from reaching the ocean” (Pocket Swamp. Web. ). Pocket swamps are limited to southern, central, and mid coast regions. These pocket swamps are much like a vernal pool, and are an important breeding habitat for many amphibians. Some of the different species that live in these pocket swamps are “wood frogs, spotted salamanders, and blue-spotted salamanders. Rare turtles such as…

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  • Fahrenheit 451 Symbolism

    Fire. The phoenix. The hearth and the salamander. These items are all symbols in the Ray Bradbury novel Fahrenheit 451. Fahrenheit 451, written in the year 1953, it is set 100 years after 1953 in a futuristic utopian society, and in this society, books are banned as well as burned. People who think for themselves are hunted down and arrested. Fahrenheit 451 follows a fireman, named Montag who started to think for himself. In his journey, various symbols are often found in the novel, and…

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  • Symbolance In William Bradbury's 'Fahrenheit 451'

    Beyond the Obvious Did you ever think twice after reading the titles of the three parts of Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451? Examining the symbolic meaning of the titles is precisely what I will be doing in this essay. Bradbury’s book is packed with symbols and themes throughout the plot, some more subliminal than others. The titles are significant to the story, helping to convey the plot as Montag goes from an ignorant fireman to a rebellious outcast. Each of the titles communicates its own message…

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  • Rhetorical Situation Examples

    Rhetorical situation, audience and genre is a key factor in any kind of communication. An example of these three aspects working together can be found in the Associated Press article about the robotic salamander and the Pennisi reading. In the Pennisi reading, its main purpose is to be an informative piece about the similarities to their robotic salamander, to live salamanders in order to imply how water animals first began walking on land. The Pennisi reading was meant for a non-specialist…

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  • Fahrenheit 451 Symbol Analysis

    Ray Bradbury used many different symbols in his novel Fahrenheit 451, but he used six specific symbols to really tell the story. The first of these symbols is the Phoenix. In Mediterranean mythologies, the phoenix is a bird that is consumed by fire but then rises from the ashes. The phoenix represents renewal, and the life that follows death. After the city is leveled by bombs, the character Granger directly compares humans and the story of the phoenix. The next symbol is the Salamander. The…

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