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  • Don T Blame The Eater Analysis

    In his article, Don 't Blame the Eater, David Zinczenko applauds youngsters that are suing McDonalds restaurants. Zinczenko sympathizes with the fast food patrons and supports their claims that the fast food company is making kids fat. Although I agree with Zinczenko that eating too much fast food is unhealthy, I cannot accept his overriding assumption that fast food restaurants are solely to blame for the childhood obesity epidemic (393). Furthermore, Zinczenko overlooks what I consider an…

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  • What Role Did Religion Play In The Crusades

    Religion and the expansion of territory played a monumental role in lighting the match that set in motion the Crusades. The after affect of what took place during this medieval conflict would later shape the turnout of Europe and the Middle East. Before the Crusades happened Christianity was the dominant religion of power. Muslim leaders and armies started to conquer all of the Christian territories, like the Byzantine Empire. Christians did not want muslims to conquer all of their lands ,…

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  • What´s The Fatimid Caliphate?

    was an Ismaili Shia Caliphate, it lasted from the year 909 to the year 1171 and eventually fell when its last Caliph (Al Athid or Abū Muḥammad ʿAbd Allāh ibn Yūsuf ibn al-Ḥāfiẓ) died, making place for the Ayyubid Sultanate of Egypt and Syria under Saladin. The Fatimid Caliphate was the only Shi’a Caliphate, it was tied to the Ismaili branch of Shi’a Islam, the belief is centered around Isma’il, the son of Ja’Far As-Sadid, the sixth Imam and seventh Imam, they are a Shi’a minority group. The…

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  • Kant's Contribution To The Enlightenment

    The enlightenment was a reformation of thought. Philosophers sought to question if the facts we are given are true and define enlightenment. Kant and Descartes discuss enlightenment in the context of intellect whereas Lessing and Smith discuss enlightenment of toleration and compassion. All four of these authors contributed immensely to the enlightenment and as a whole answered what enlightenment is. Immanuel Kant was a German philosopher and who posed the question of “What is enlightenment?”…

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  • Failures Of The Crusades Essay

    The Crusades- “ History’s most successful failures ” During the time period of 11th, 12th, and 13th centuries, the Muslim force expand massively and rapid around the continent of Europe, pluming the people of multiple nations including the Holy Land of Jerusalem into the worshipping of the religion of Muslim. During this time is when the Crusades were introduced and appear as the holy expeditions. The Crusades were destine to create a successful mark on history, which then over 100 years they…

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  • The Crusades

    The crusades were holy wars that were put in place by the pope that targeted Muslims and non christians. The Christians who fought were promised to be forgiven of all their sins, so if they died fighting or when they died later, they were guaranteed heaven. They wanted to retake the holy land that Muslims had taken. The wars were very gruesome, with little to no mercy. It began when the Turks, which were islam followers, invaded the Middle East and part of the empire of the Christian emperor,…

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  • Seljuk Turks Essay

    Turks moved from Central Asia to Middle West in the eleventh CE century. One of the tribes called the Seljuk Turks, occupied Persia and then moved west slowly. Battle of Manzikert in 1071 CE is where the Seljuk Turks met Byzantine emperor and his army. The Byzantine emperor was killed, and army was destroyed. After taken over Byzantine the Seljuk Turks moved into Anatolia. Moving south again the were able to occupy the Holy Land. Religion played a role in the origins of the Crusades or…

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  • Crusades: The Catholic Church In The Middle East

    Hook - Try to envision an infamous organization that was known for slaughtering hundreds of thousands of innocent people. Men, women, and children alike. This organization committed hundreds of hate crimes against innocent individuals simply because they shared different moral values and beliefs. I am sure many of you are thinking that “ISIS” fits this description, but the organization that I am talking is Catholic Church in the eleventh century. In this essay I will be examining the history…

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  • Holy War Analysis

    Throughout history the Muslim and Christian religions were thought to be similar but weren’t always provided with the specific details on how they were. From how they were both discovered, to similar beliefs. The religions are more similar than you think. In “Two Face of “Holy War”: Christians and Muslims (1095-1270s)” the author gives us an in-depth view of how the religions viewed each other while providing us with similarities and differences within the religions. The article starts off…

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  • Maci Frantz: Islam: Empire Of Faith

    Maci Frantz Islam: Empire of Faith The main subject of the movie is to describe Islam and its history. The movie included the history background on Islam/Koran, Muslims, Muhammad, Saladin, Mehmet, Suleyman, and Christians. It also focused on buildings from the Romans and innovations such as math, engineering, astronomy, medicine, and paper. Some good things about the movie was that it was very detailing on the different religions and what they did. It also would be a good movie to watch if…

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