The Crusades As A Sequences Of The Nineteenth Century

The crusades is a sequences of revolutionary actions that started back in the eleventh century going through in the late thirteen century. In general the crusades was basically about a mixture between religious awareness and military initiatives. In Europe the Christians were impatient to take back Jerusalem which is known as their holy land. The church had the power to Knights, Chiefs and even Popes that were impatient to transfer their religion to other nations. The Islamic militaries were full of power an energy and took over North Africa and most of Spain.
When the first crusade started, a request came from Pope Urban II to the Christian armies to go fight against the Muslim armies in the holy land, Jerusalem. When the first crusade captured
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In order to govern the territory they conquered the people who remained and established large settlements in the west. The crusaders tended to keep the region until 1130, but when the Muslims army started to capture areas in their holy war or what they call as Jihad towards the Christians, Zangi the governor of Seljuk and the governor Mosul took control of Edessa as a result of losing the crusader state in the north. The end of Edessa astonished Europe that caused Christian power or there authorities to shout out for another crusade. King Louis VII and king Conrad III are both great leaders that led the second crusade. The Turkish people attacked Conrad’s army at Dorylaeum, locating a great success in the first crusade. Afterwards Conrad and Louis directed to gather their armies in Jerusalem, they marked to fight the Syrian fortress of Damascus with army an over 40,000. Well inclined around the Franks, Damascus’s leader required to call Zangi’s inheritor in Mosul, for help his name is Nur al-Din. The merge of Muslim armies pass out a humiliating conquer to the crusaders, and there was the end of the second crusade; Damascus was added to Nur al-Din …show more content…
The power strives into Byzantine and Europe flock the Crusaders to reroute their jorney in order to overturn the Byzantine emperor. Alecxuis III became a new leader strives to order to fail the Byzantine church. The crusaders announced war on Constantinople which ended the fourth crusade with the defeat of the significant Byzantine capital after couple of years. At the end of the thirteen century, a variety of crusaders wanted to take back the holy land. Thibault IV regained Jerusalem that was in the seventh crusade, and was taken away again to Khwarazmian armies in 1244 signed up by the king of Egypt. King Louis IX led to the eighth crusade fighting the Egyptians, crashing Mansura. Crusaders scrambled, a new dynasty was made and named as Mamluks that came from former slaves in Egypt. Mamluk armies in Palestine managed to stop the Mongols on moving forward. A military group that was guided by Genghis Khan and his successor became associated with the Christian. The Mamluk destroyed Antioch under a very cruel leader, Sultan Baybars causing another crusade that has ended when he died in North

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