RNA interference

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  • Jurassic Park Essay

    1. Name the six steps that are required to actually have a “Jurassic Park”. (6 points) 1. Find dinosaur DNA 2. Grow an embryo 3. Raise the baby 4. Choose a habitat 5. Plan a diet 6. Manage the animals 2. What was used to freeze amber to crack it open and access the insects? (1 point) Liquid nitrogen 3. Who was able to get bone marrow from fossils that have blood cells of dinosaurs in them? (1 point) John R. Horner 4. What are body cells called? (Not mentioned in video.) (2 points)…

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  • Viral Agents Cause Disease

    In recent years the field of virology has seen substantial growth as virus have now become a more widely researched subject. It was not too long ago relatively speaking that viruses were more or less an unknown entity, as many facts about viruses were unknown to the days researchers. Now however much more is known about what viruses are and how they work; more importantly it is known that viral agents are one of the leading causes of disease. Once it was established that they did in fact…

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  • Manipulating Nature Essay

    It is right for human beings to manipulate nature for their benefit. Without doing such things humans would not have lifesaving medicines or other beneficial procedures. Also, the act of altering nature is in itself a natural phenomenon, common to many species other than human beings. In addition, without the manipulation of nature we would not have anything other than the very basest of lifestyles; therefore, we would never have progressed past our ancient B.C. ancestors’ way of life. Finally,…

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  • Genetic Reflection Paper

    The material covered in my genetics class helped me better understand the article, How Spiders Got their Knees, by Emily DeMarco. For example, the article describes how the Dachshund gene was duplicated and activated in the patella region which formed kneecaps, providing flexibility (DeMarco, 2015). In class I learned about the different types of errors that can occur during DNA replication and repair. I learned that duplication can occur through replication slippage or unequal crossing over.…

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  • The Evolution Of Biomedical Sciences

    resulting from a defect in a specific DNA repair pathway. I currently investigate the interplay between epigenetic markers and the localization of protein to chromatin in the presence of DNA damage. Utilizing Western blotting, immunofluorescence, and RNA interference techniques, I have gathered data suggesting a key methyltransferase plays a role in FANCD2 localization to chromatin. Through work during the academic year and an INBRE summer fellowship funded by the NIH, I contributed to a…

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  • Irx3

    Figure 1: Shows the gene expression changes found in Arabidopsis after the insertion of the IRX1, IRX3, and IRX5 mutants(Brown). 1A shows the principal component data collected from the targeted areas of the plant(Brown). 1B shows a comparison of gene expression of the base and tip of the stem and the change of level(Brown). 1C shows the slope of genes most likely to be related to IRX3(Brown). From Figure 1B, it is shown through analysis that there are several hundred genes that show an increase…

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  • Gentamicin: Pharmaceutical Study

    and topically. 3.2.4 Adverse drug reactions Nephrotoxic - tubular necrosis, probably related to interference in the phospholipids metabolism in proximal tubular cells lysosomes with resultant leakage of proteolytic enzyme into the cytoplasm. Ototoxic – (Toxicity of the 8th cranial nerve). 3.2.5 Indications and uses Active against a wide range of human…

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  • Abiotic Factors In Agriculture

    Food, probably one of the most important resources on this Earth, is becoming scarcer and scarcer by the moment. With the UN estimating an extra 2-3 billion mouths to feed by 2050 and crop production being undermined by 2 percent per decade, the prospects of preventing the crisis in time look bleak.” (TechCrunch.com). Mankind is slowly inching toward a dystopian future where food shortage will trigger riots and wars. At this moment, the world is facing one of the largest challenges yet. With…

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  • Biochemistry Research Paper

    The research work regarding the chemical processes within/relating to living organisms is said to be biochemistry, also known as biological chemistry. The complication of life can occur during biochemical process, if we control the information flow through biochemical signaling and through metabolism chemical energy flow. Various study fields like botany, medicines, genetics, Etc.which are areas of life science, are engrossed in research related to biochemical because biochemistry has made it…

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  • Gene Therapy

    performance, and human genetic engineering. The gene therapy method known as CRISPR interference, which can be used to alter the germline (cells that may pass their genetic material to future generations) of organisms and humans, and modifying the genes of food crops, may be used with specific endonuclease enzymes for genome editing and gene regulation. By delivering the CRSIPR associated Cas9 protein along with appropriate guide RNAs into a cell, the organism’s genome can be cut or modified at…

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