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  • The Rapid Sinking Of The Titanic

    Writing.engr.psu.edu is an infromational website that provides insight on the history of the Titanic, what caused the Titanic to sink, and the effects of the disaster. This article supplies crucial information on the timeline of the ship's sinking, the mechanical failure, and the design flaws. “Causes and Effects of the Rapid Sinking of the Titanic” provides awareness to how new laws and regulations were made after the tragic sinking of the Titanic. Vicki Bassett is the writer of the article…

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  • The History Of Steamboat

    he first catamaran style steamboat was built by the Scottish engineer William Symington in 1788. Later on in early 18th he developed this prototype to create the first steamship, the Charlotte Dundas. The Charlotte Dundas had short- lived run on the Forth- Clyde canal until the damage by the canal banks. Another event of great significance was bringing into commercial service of the Worlds first paddle steamer, Henry Bell’s “Comet” on the Clyde in 1812. The coming of the steamship was of…

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  • Golden Gate Bridge Research Paper

    On May 27, 1937, the Golden Gate Bridge was officially open to the public.The Golden Gate Bridge is a suspension bridge that connects San Francisco with Marin County.It was the longest suspension bridge in the world until 1964 when the Verrazano Narrows Bridge was built in New York.It is the only route that connects San Francisco with Marin County and about 112,000 cars cross it every day.That concludes to about 41 million cars a year. During the early 1800s to early 1900s, the only route to…

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  • R V. Dudley And Stephens Case Study

    R. v. Dudley and Stephens (1884) Facts On May 19, 1884 the Mignonette set sail for Sydney, Australia. The yacht sailed with four crew members: Tom Dudley, Edwin Stephens, Edmund Brooks and Richard Parker. On July 5, the yacht sank. The men found a lifeboat that only contained two, 1 pound cans of turnip. On the twelfth day at sea the men had officially run out of food after eating the cans of turnip and a sea turtle that they had caught. After a week of not eating anything, Dudley, Stephens,…

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  • Ship Collision Research Paper

    Ship collision is a kind of marine accident that results from a ship crashing into a still or floating object. Ship collision cases can be a ship to ship, ship to floating object, ship to submarine or ship to still structure collisions. We all have heard about the historic accident of the collision of the ship Titanic to an Iceberg. It was a ship to floating object type of collision. Collision can also be defined as the change in form of a vessel as a result of an impact with a solid object.…

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  • Why Is It So Important To Be Selfless?

    On May 10th 1996 A storm blew in to Mount Everest that none expected capturing the lives of 8 people and trapping 33 climbers. 19 of the 33 were trapped in the death zone with winds of 90mph. Many climbers were not thinking clearly and were suffering from frostbite. They all had to make the choice between selfless or selfish and it very important when you in this kind of critical situation like almost freezing to death on the face of a mountain. When you chose selfishness you are saving…

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  • Modernist Poetry Essay

    Modernist Poets Discuss the Impermanence of Glory In the period following World War I, citizens of all nationalities faced a dark disillusionment forcing them to grapple with personal identity and the purpose of life. People looked to artists of the age as builders of morale and shapers of societal perspective, yet the writers of that time had little more sense of direction than anyone else in the midst of ideological desolation. The only thing to be certain of was uncertainty. Two Modernist…

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  • Graduation Speech: The Statue Of Liberty

    She is huge and green but also beautiful and she sailed into New York Harbor on June 17, 1885. Who is she? The Statue of Liberty and at the moment that she arrived she was dismantled and needed assistance to be put together. She was a gift of friendship from France to America. The Statue of Liberty sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in 350 individual pieces which had been packed in over 200 cases. Now at this point I would have probably wanted to know two things one of them being if she came with…

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  • Redline No 24 Case Study

    It suited Rex to make an offer to sell them the coach they knew so well, which they were aware was very economical to operate and did the job well, and a deal that saw No 24 leave the Redline fleet was done. An artistic gentleman named Peter Scriven had around this time founded the Marionette Theatre of Australia, which featured large scale puppets known as ‘The Tintookies’ which became quite famous throughout the country. In 1965 and through 1966 in association with the Arts Council of…

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  • Historical Inaccuracies In Film

    A. What reasons do your authors give to explain the historical inaccuracies in the films? All historical movies are of peoples interpretations of the events, or if it was written from someone who were there at the time of the event it's still based off of what they seen or remember. Things can get lost in interpretation but director's I feel do try to stick to the best of there knowledge while maintaining a film that would be popular in ratings. Like James Cameron who written, directed,…

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