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  • Field Placement Reflection Paper

    Introduction With one Educational Studies course and a positive field placement experience completed, I believed that I was ready for anything that Child Study and Assessment could throw at me. This field placement, however, is much different than I anticipated. My responsibilities for this field placement are two-fold. Most importantly, as aforementioned, I am to supplement my student, Michael’s [pseudonym], learning by bringing activities that interested him. Additionally, using in-class…

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  • The Blue Angel Analysis

    Although the films The Blue Angel and the Titanic are very different, they do have a few similarities. In The Blue Angel, Immanuel Rath and Lola Lola embodied the contradiction of the provocative young female and a wretched old man in a relationship. Seductive Lola Lola embraces her sexuality through being a cabaret dancer and singer. Rath, the professor is stern, lonesome and much respected because of his profession. Rath meets Lola Lola in the process of punishing his pupils for distributing…

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  • Subway Collision Essay

    Seoul subway line 2 collision 1) Introduction “The accident occurred on Line 2 of the subway at Sangwangsimni station in Seoul at about 3.30 p.m. on 2 May 2014. No. 2260 train ran into back of the preceding No. 2258 train, which had stopped between stations due to a mechanical problem. As a result, 235 people were slightly injured, 3 people were serious injured and about 1,000 commuters were evacuated. Also, it makes property damage 2.8 billion won.” Fortunately, it was not terrible disasters,…

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  • Titanic Persuasive Essay

    The Titanic was the “unsinkable” ship that sank and took the lives of 1,522 passengers and crew. The ship was widely believed to be the safest ever built at the time; however, the ship’s builders never said it was unsinkable. It was actually Shipbuilders magazine that described the ship as “practically unsinkable”. Though it has been over one-hundred years since the sinking of the Titanic, the story, which includes both heroes and villains, still enthralls us (Hutchings). The idea for the…

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  • The Titanic Conspiracy

    How the Titanic Communicated The tragic event of the Titanic may have raised many questions. How was the Titanic able to get in contact with other ships? Many people might already know, but the radio that was put in the Titanic was not the best of the technology that was available at that time. The radio installed in the Titanic could have been more efficient, contacted more ships faster, and saved more lives than what it already did. “The Titanic disaster illustrates issues about broadcasting…

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  • Essay On Titanic Sinning

    The Sinking of the Titanic When the Titanic left on April 10, 1912, the passengers had no idea what they were about to experience. The ship was said to be the safest ship built and was luxurious. There were about 2,200 people. The passengers were made up as some of the richest people, who made up the first class. There were also the poor, which made up the third class. On March 31, 1909, construction began on the Titanic, a ship that was going to be known as the “unsinkable” ship. Although…

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  • How To Prevent Titanic Safety

    April 15, 1912, was a tragic disaster. This was truly the first global disaster for mankind, with passengers from North and South America, Europe, Asia, Australia, and Africa. Dan Bender said,” [as of 2010] Everyone has heard about the ‘unsinkable’ RMS Titanic, but 98 years removed, we have little connection to the disaster other than watching a movie or documentary. In the time of 1912, the sinking of the world’s largest, most advanced ship shook the world” (Bender). The ship was totally…

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  • Compare And Contrast The Convergence Of The Twain And David Slavitt

    “The Convergence of the Twain” by Thomas Hardy and “Titanic” by David R. Slavitt, although written in different time periods, both discuss the tragic event of the Titanic, the gigantic ship that sank after hitting an iceberg in 1912 (History). The two poems similarly portray the great wealth of the ship and its short-lived nature, through the use of irony, and diction. Ultimately through social influences while using contrasting forms, use of words and tone in narrating this event, both…

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  • Could The Titanic Have Been Prevented

    The Titanic was thought to be the fastest and most remarkable ship of its time. Many considered the Titanic to be unsinkable, oh boy were they wrong! The disaster could have been stopped if all of the crew members and construction workers took matters in their own hands to see if they had a large quantity of life jackets, lifeboats, and made sure of the weather conditions throughout their journey. If the crew members on the ship would have did every bit of that the ship probably would be running…

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  • Ajax Whitmire Theory

    A long time ago, there were big sailing ships on the river. One night in a storm, a big ship sank. All the lanterns on board were lit as the ship went down. Now, they say that on stormy nights you can still hear the flame of the lanterns being extinguished as they clashed with the water, at exactly 11 O’ clock. There have also been sightings of ghostly figures roaming on the nearest shores or shadowy figures laying on pieces of debris afloat in the enormous body of water. Reports of this…

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