Titanic Film Analysis

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Titanic, is really a touching love story. The Director of the film is James Cameron. The main actor is Leonardo DiCaprio. Both the rich and the poor are on board. The ship clashes against an iceberg. The passengers give priority to female gender and children. This calamity strikes at the middle of the film. The ship is thought to be unsinkable. However when it hits an ice burg, it tragically sinks. Hearing people cry like folks while floating on water is so emotional. The tide draws breath and hum deeply .The ship is engulfed in the “hungry” cold waters. The film has an outstanding and captivating background music. The film also depicts how second and first class individuals were treated differently. The romantic story ultimately ends in a tragic way. The ship is stuck as any beached whale. …show more content…
At one point I wish I were in the ship, at some point, no .One may think this sinking is a reality. In the vastness of the ocean it is easy to lose hope. However the director comes up with computer simulation, looking so realistic. The ship creaks dangerously as waves thrust forward in great amounts of power, allowing small glimpses of the cliffs just up ahead. You could almost hear the song of the mermaids as the ship is pulled down into depths of the watery hell. In fact the ship splits into two, sinks and water is seen rushing in. Bodies are seen dropping from top to down, like maize in a milling machine. At this point in the film, the audience can see so well, how water penetrates the ship destroying it when it hits the ice burg. The expanse of blue water is stretched in every direction to the horizon. One drifts on an ocean with no wisp of land in sight. Below them it must be fathoms deep. They are at the mercy of the wind and the rolling waves. They are lost on an ocean with no way to propel themselves unless they enter the water and kicked, but in which

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