Jaws Film Analysis

The movie Jaws is a classic film which follows the “typical” film structure. Looking at the precise layout of Jaws, it fits with Blake Snyder Beat’s. The reason the Blake Snyder model is effective, is due to how many beats it contains. Fifteen beats doesn’t make it difficult to comprehend, along with extreme pinpoint accuracy. Combining the simplicity of the film structure along with the model, it’s a perfect combination for learning. The film starts off with the Opening Image, giving the viewer a preview of the movie. The foreshadowing in the movie Jaws occurred when a woman went for a swim, however, a shark eats her for a snack. This shark, Jaws, is the problem, leading to the rest of the movies action. Set up gives the audience background …show more content…
Martin fully understands what he is dealing with, he takes it personally when he realized that his son is in shock because of the events in the lake. Martin knows he has to kill this shark, otherwise Martin will be killed. The Debate happens when Martin is talking to the captain, Martin has doubts if he should risk his life and leave his family behind. Debate is when the character has doubts about a journey they are about to take. Break in to Two transpired when Martin decides to go on the boat to find and kill the shark. This is where the journey begins, the journey is to kill Jaws. The men are on the boat and are comparing stories on how they got scars, which is referred as B Story. Usually this is the love story in other films, however, in this film the crew are essentially comparing the situation they are in to past ones. They start to encounter Jaws, this is The Promise of the Premise, and the excitement starts. Jaws knows he is being hunted, so he decides he wants to hunt them instead. When the action starts. Having put the barrels on the shark, unfortunately Jaws is too strong and is able to withstand the barrels. The Midpoint is where everything is going good, or bad, nothing in-between. At this moment in the movie everything is not going their way,

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