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  • Titanic Film Analysis

    Titanic, is really a touching love story. The Director of the film is James Cameron. The main actor is Leonardo DiCaprio. Both the rich and the poor are on board. The ship clashes against an iceberg. The passengers give priority to female gender and children. This calamity strikes at the middle of the film. The ship is thought to be unsinkable. However when it hits an ice burg, it tragically sinks. Hearing people cry like folks while floating on water is so emotional. The tide draws breath and…

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  • Diary Entry On The Titanic

    sent the ship crew to notify everyone and instructed them to get a coat and a life vest on, and start loading the women and children first onto the lifeboats. It felt like a dream, it seemed like the ship was not sinking, but finally it HITS us, the RMS Titanic is sinking!! Abby and I were helping children load into the lifeboats, but eventually we both got pushed into a lifeboat. As we were paddling away, I got my journal and drew a picture of what we were all witnessing. There was still…

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  • Titanic Reflection

    “Although the ship had life saving capacity for 1,178 people- less than half the 3,547 passengers and crew she was designed to carry- she surpassed lifeboat requirements by over seventeen percent.” (Wels, Susan 27). Like in real life, there was a lifeboat problem on Titanic like the one in the movie. However, although the movie Titanic portrays one side of the actual event, there were more details what actually happened, for example, the people involved, the events leading up to the departure,…

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  • Sewol Research Paper

    Sewol: Tragedy at Sea On the morning of April 16th, 2014, the Sewol a South Korea Ferry took off from Incheon traveling to Jeju island. On board, over 476 people 325 of whom were students from a school in the capital city of Seoul. As the ship would begin to sink the captain would fail to give on order to evacuate. The captain and several crew members would instead disembark the ship saving themselves as hundreds of people were left to die. Many factors would contribute to the loss of life…

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  • Q & A Case Study: The Vasa

    The Vasa Report Introduction From the given case study, we learn about the majestic warship called Vasa. The Vasa was the largest arsenal ship ever built in Sweden. She was built under the rule of King Gustavus II Adolphus. He was known as an intelligent and brave fighter. He assumed the throne after the death of his father in October 1611. In January 1625, the Swedish admiralty signed a contract to build four ships with the master shipwright, which were to be used in the king’s navy. Two were…

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  • Disaster Of The Titanic Essay

    Disaster of the Titanic People on Board “I thought it would be a safe steamship and I had heard it would not sink” - Margaret Devaney (Titanic Survivor) The Titanic sinking was so tragic because many lives were lost, also many bodies were not found. The Titanic sunk in the 1900’s. William McMaster Murdoch body was lost at sea. Lady Duff Gordon and Sir Cosmo Duff Gordon survived the sinking and testified at the British Enquiry into the sinking. Lastly, Charles Herbert Lightoller survived…

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  • Into The Dark Water Analysis

    Into the Dark Water by Lauren Tarshis has many quotes from a boy named Jack Thayer, who at the time was 17, and sailing on the Titanic. The exact quotes from Jack really made the story more believable and made me feel like I was really there. Furthermore, it can be confusing why the author added in the quotes, as some have profound meanings. And even though they they are nicely hidden, they help the article in unthinkable ways. Jack Thayer stated on April 14, 1912, “It was the kind of night that…

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  • Loch Ard Research Paper

    The Great Ocean Road is the most famous road in all of Australia. 240 shipwrecks including Loch Ard have been discovered from Cape Otway to Port Fairy. Furthermore, Loch Ard is the second top attraction behind the twelve Apostles and it is Victoria’s best known shipwreck. It has an interesting history and nowadays many people love to relive and learn about the final voyage of the Loch Ard. In 1873, a sailing vessel called ‘Loch Ard’ was built by two companies: Charles Connell & Company and…

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  • Titanic Stereotypes

    The RMS Titanic sank in 1912, but rose again in 1997. The film, which took a sweeping 11 Oscars home at the 1998 Academy Awards, touched the hearts of enormous audiences for its gut-wrenching love story, brilliant cinematography, and its use of strong female protagonists. The narrative is told through a female lens, and while it has many of the qualities usually seen in the romance genre, Titanic brings a new light to how female characters should be written. The exploration of gender stereotypes…

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  • Bermuda Triangle Conspiracy

    Imagine being in a plane and it randomly goes down over the Bermuda Triangle. Also known as the Devil’s Triangle, Bermuda Triangle is a general area in the western part of the Atlantic Ocean where planes and ships have mysteriously disappeared over the years. It received it’s name from a magazine after an extremely popular disappearance known as Flight 19. Nobody knows for sure if the Bermuda Triangle is real because science cannot explain many disappearances including the USS Cyclops, Ellen…

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