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  • Counseling Career Choices: Career Analysis

    Work Settings One of the counseling career choices that have really intrigued me is becoming a marriage and family counselor. This area is where I feel most drawn to and feel the most passion. I would like to become a therapist for a private practice and later on after building clientele, open my own practice. This kind of career requires an undergraduate, usually in counseling, psychology, or sociology, a Master’s degree in counseling, two years of post-graduate work that is supervised (2,000-4…

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  • Why Is Joy Important In Counseling

    To achieve success in counseling there has to be an agreed upon partnership. It takes time, energy and effort by both the person receiving counseling and the therapist. It takes a collaborative effort by both the counselor and the individual receiving the counseling. When I met with Joy Sanders I could see she had a high motivation level to find out how to fix the issue I had brought up to her. Joy easily made me feel comfortable to open up to her and explain what I felt was happening in my…

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  • Counseling Theory And Practice

    EDU 701 Counseling Theory and Practice Assignment 1 Essay Name: Gulshan Kumar ID: 2012009572 Lecturer: Dr Sarita Deshpande Guidance and Counseling are referred to as two contradicting factors that enable an individual to solve his problems and achieve psychological, social, educational and professional compatibility; it involves interactive relationship that takes place between the Counselor and its client. Olayinka (1972) defined it to be “a process whereby a person is helped in a…

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  • Ethical Issues In Counseling Relationship

    D-The patient arrived on time for her counseling session. Reported stable on her dose and denied the need for a dose increase when offered by this writer. The patient immediately admitted that she used a dime of crack cocaine on 07/28/2016 due to stresses in her life, referring to her estranged mother, of whom the patient currently resides with. Alternatives and feedback was addressed as the patient cannot use her stress factors as an excuse to use illicit drugs. This writer discussed about…

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  • Summary: The Counseling Technique Of Coaching

    The counseling technique of coaching comes in various ways and types to the counseling field. Professional coaches provide an ongoing partnership designed to help clients produce fulfilling results in their personal and professional lives. Coaches’ help people improve their performances and enhance the quality of their lives. Coaches are trained to listen, to observe and to customize their approach to individual client needs. They seek to elicit solutions and strategies from the client; they…

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  • Analysis Of John Krumboltz's Social Learning Theory

    which can then be examined, restated, and alternatives explored. Second, any faulty beliefs need to be addressed, and reframed into positive ideas. By practicing or rehearsing positive statements, negative thought processes are replaced. During counseling sessions attention should be paid to any inconsistencies in her thoughts, and actions. Inconsistencies can be detrimental to pursuing career goals. Together with recognizing, and incorporating chance events, or planned happenstance, Katie…

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  • Mental Health Care: Case Study

    Does the client have the right to access their record/chart/files? Patient records in custody of individual health care Providers in statute, C.R.S. § 25-1-802. Yes, Clients receiving mental health counseling are allowed access to their records, although this does not include the counselor’s personal notes or any information that could be harmful to the client. If so, how? Client Access, (ACA, 2014, B.6.e.) The client only needs to make a reasonable…

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  • My Counselor Philosophy

    Furthermore, it is the goal of counseling to facilitate in the development of new or better coping skills. The following is a list of some general goals that apply to all students: setting goals, identifying a dream job or career, choosing a program or course of study that fits with their…

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  • Ethical Issues In Group Therapy

    Ethics within groups is a contentious topic that has continued to elicit mixed reactions from different stakeholders. All the major ethical issues related to individual counseling are also applicable in group therapy, but these issues might be more complex in group therapy because of significant differences that exist between the two modalities. Counselors and other professionals dealing with groups must thus be aware of the different ethical issues that might affect the manner in which they…

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  • Rational Emotive Therapy Research Paper

    Rational Emotive Therapy and Religion There seems to be numerous studies on Rational Emotive Therapy and religion. This is a controversial connection for some people, but I have found it to be an interesting practice to tie into counseling from a spiritual perspective. Those who do not believe in religious ideals discredit spirituality, but still believe Rational Emotive Therapy can be effective for those who practice religion. “Warnock (1989) has noted that religious practices and beliefs…

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