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  • Abnormal Psychology Internship Analysis

    Something that stuck with me throughout this process is that no matter why someone comes in for counseling, it is that you cannot judge them. The office serves as a positive outlet for clients and they need to know that they can trust the counselor and they will not be judged. If there is judgement from the counselor (or any other professional in mental health), the client will take note of that and will not want to proceed with any form of treatment or intervention, and they could even become…

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  • Reflective Essay About Me: My Philosophy Of Counseling

    that I had sincere empathy for hurting people, a willingness to learn, and the confidence needed to use my abilities. Those qualities are why I chose to continue my educational journey – they make me a good fit for this profession. Philosophy of Counseling Describe your professional identity Orientation and motivation for helping. Limiting my therapeutic tools to only one orientation would not benefit my clients. I believe that…

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  • The Importance Of A Counselling Experience

    there are many different counselling theories, the concept of the therapeutic alliance has been highlighted with utmost importance within the counselling process (Horvath & Luborsky, 1993; McGuire, McCabe, & Priebe, 2001). It is a collaborative relationship between a client and a therapist that consists of an emotional bond and a shared idea relating to the tasks and goals of counselling treatment. To do this assignment it was very challenging as I could not get a therapist that would…

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  • Feminist Therapy Case Study

    Helen helped me to begin the process of gender analysis in social work and in therapy, and three years later, with 4 JOURNAL OF FEMINIST FAMILY THERAPY her help, I began teaching courses on feminist counseling and women and social welfare at St. Thomas University in Fredericton (not, I might add, before having to defend the academic merit of the courses before an all male Catholic University Senate who had some difficulty understanding why courses about…

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  • Tommy Boy Movie Analysis

    come with a client which may affect the theory chosen to counsel them may be their level of intelligence, ability to identify their thoughts or feelings, the length of time the client has for counseling, and more. Person-centered counseling was originally created by Carl Rogers in 1942. This type of counseling has since then evolved but research still proves this method of psychotherapy to be effective for certain types of people. Tommy Callahan from the movie Tommy Boy, which debuted in 1995,…

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  • Psychology Theology In Christian Counseling Summary

    Summary Mark McMinn the author of “Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian Counseling” goes into great depth in explaining the integration of psychology, theology, and spirituality in counseling. McMinn first published his book in 1996 and since then he has updated and revised it in 2011 with reliable information that can be used by the counselor (McMinn, 2011). McMinn starts in the first chapter stating, “this is a book for those wanting to investigate the frontier of…

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  • Counselor Biases

    understand how biases and assumptions can affect the counseling process. The counselor may have a more difficult time connecting with the client. For example, the counselor should make sure that one does not display microaggressions that could offend her. The career counselor may also have a problem understanding the client’s worldview. This may send make Taneka believe that she is not understood. It would be less likely that she would return to counseling. A counselor can mitigate these…

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  • The Importance Of Being A Counselor

    by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs or be substantively equivalent. Most programs transitioned to a 60-credit program as recently as 2013. Requiring prospective counselors to meet a core of content objectives that are common to all counseling specialties. Such as human growth and development, career development, individual and group counseling, mental health diagnoses and more. Being a part of a mental health counseling program is competitive,…

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  • Social Work Ethical Dilemmas

    the field of Social Work is online counseling. Online counseling causes many complex ethical dilemmas, and it is still so new that many of the kinks haven’t been worked out legally and in ethical codes. Online counseling has many benefits such as, the ability to provide services in conjunction with in-person sessions, to give people in rural locations access to care, or help those with busy schedules that don’t allow for traditional therapy options. Online counseling also has many drawbacks,…

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  • Mental Health Counselor Essay

    counselors help people with mental and emotional problems; thus including anxiety, depression, stress and low self-esteem. Some mental health counselors help people cope with difficult life events, for example, physical illness, death of loved ones, and relationship problems or divorce. Others help people manage serious mental illnesses like bipolar disorder. Counselors need to know when to refer clients or patients for additional resources and how to identify when abuse may be happening or when…

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