Relative humidity

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  • Acetaminophen Tablets Essay

    had inactive ingredients of polysorbate 80 and PEG degraded at a rate that was much greater than those that did have contain those ingredients (Cory, W. Harris, C. Martinez, S.) Furthermore, another study found that most drugs could be used effectively after exposed to a specific extreme climate for a limited amount of time, but that those that claim to be temperature sensitive should be replaced once a year after exposure to any temperatures outside of the recommended range (Kupper, T; et al.). In this study, the degradation of acetaminophen was studied by exposing acetaminophen tablets (Walgreens Well generic brand) to harsh conditions in a Cincinnati Sub-Zero MicroClimate Chamber, which was set at a both high heat (70 C°) and high relative humidity (75% RH). The recommended storage temperature for the tablets to remain viable the longest was 15- 30 C°. These tablets (containing 500 mg of acetaminophen) were then removed at two week intervals ranging from week 0 (control) to week 8 (the final tablet) before they were placed in a refrigerator (5 C°). The tablets used had an expiration date of August 2017, meaning that the tablets that underwent the experiment were deemed by the manufacturer to be within the label claim percentages set forth by the FDA (90-110%). These tablets were stored in such harsh conditions to determine the speed of degradation and the substances would become present after the degradation process was complete. Experimental: Reagents and Materials…

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  • Heat Stress: A Case Study

    a completely randomized design one week before the experimental phase. Treatments were arranged in a 2 × 2 factorial with factors of 0 or 10 mg of ZH per lamb daily and 0 or 6% soybean oil (SBO) per kg of DM. Adaptation to SBO occurred one week prior to ZH treatment. To ensure complete intake of ZH, 133.33 g was mixed with 19.1 kg of wheat meal and 30 g of this mixture was fed to treatment animals daily before the morning feeding. Groups treated without ZH were fed 30 g/lamb daily of wheat meal.…

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  • The Effect Of The Fluidized Bed Model: Model Equations

    This chapter presents the model equations and assumptions. The physical properties of charcoal and air, the initial conditions, as well as the important system parameters are then outlined. Solution algorithm of the model equations is then explained. The effect of the intra-particle diffusion is examined by means of effective mass transfer coefficient. It can be obtained by similarity with heat transfer by conduction. Finally, the criterion for choosing the optimum switching time is set. 4.1.…

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  • The Benefits Of Humanitarian Engineering

    hydroelectric station in a weir in proximity of the camp, information supplied by EWB. Due to this there is a nice rectangular cemented area providing easy access. The principal of the solution is having a steel cooler vaccine box lowered to the weirs depths where the water temperature is at its coolest. The project shall use only native materials of the area or from other towns in Zambia such as Lusaka (which is the Capital city) for the thermometers. The native materials shall be used to…

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  • Peru's Agricultural Export Opportunities In Singapore Case Analysis

    These percentages do not go below the 50 percent mark. In 2009, Singapore’s average humidity levels were at 81 percent, which was a relative increase from 77 percent in 2008. When the heavy rain season extends, the relative humidity in Singapore could reach 100 percent. Figuratively, the western side of Singapore experiences more rain as compared to the eastern portion due to the rain’s shadow effect. Singapore’s eastern side receives minimal rainfall and it is also slightly hotter as compared…

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  • Disadvantages Of Variable Speed Motors

    The ideal relative humidity is between 30 and 50 percent, for optimal comfort. The consistent airflow provides improved air filtration and improved air quality. • Energy Efficiency: Variable-speed motors consume less energy than conventional motors. For example, the variable speed motor uses approximately one-eighth the amount of electricity used for a conventional single-speed fan motor when it operates at half speed. Consequently, the variable speed motor can outlast a conventional motor,…

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  • Sawmill Memo

    Proper ventilation systems could have enabled the management to keep dust levels below dangerous levels. Recommendations On the basis of the causes and necessary controls identified in the Work Safe BC report, you might consider the following recommendations to be implemented:  An efficient wood dust collection system should be designed to accommodate the increasing production capacity at the plant. Corresponding increase in power generation capacity should also be made to ensure that the…

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  • Why Chinchillas Are Good House Pets

    Chinchillas are good house pets because they are very low-maintenance Chinchillas are small rodents that are native to Andes Mountains in South America. Their name means “little chincha” and they are named after the chincha people of the Andes. Historically, chinchillas lived in an area that included parts of Bolivia, Peru, Argentina, and Chile, but today colonies in the wild are known only in Chile. Chinchillas are also referred to as “chins.” pets. They are very inquisitive, and do not make…

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  • Mold Mold Research Papers

    not work on mold that is planted in between porous materials like drywall, lumber, and grout. CURB THE MOISTURE SEEPING INTO YOUR HOUSE OR AREA OF CONCERN Find your problem Make your home mold-resistant (you can never get rid of all mold) Check various areas in your home where water may seep through or flood. Check your bathroom windows and corners that have constant condensation Check for water stains. Explore the reasons why. Do not hesitate. ACT NOW. Immediately begin drying the…

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  • Narrative Essay On Arizona Heat

    Despite having lived in Georgia for the past couple of years and having dealt with the immense heat and humidity there, I was still unprepared for the heat of the Arizona summer. As an experienced hiker, I thought of myself as experienced enough to deal with the heat and smart enough to not have to worry about it. I would find out all too soon that I was neither experienced enough nor smart enough to deal with the Arizona heat. I left my house at four in the morning, reasoning that since…

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