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  • Self Awareness And Cultural Awareness

    Self-awareness goes deeper than the surface and explores the beliefs and feelings of oneself. Where cultural awareness is knowing and understanding those around you. Both are extremely beneficial and needed by one another, especially in the process of counseling. As I evaluated myself, I came to the conclusion that self-awareness is at the core of what I need to focus on to become a better helper. If I understand myself and I can understand others and the background they are coming from then I…

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  • Mezzo Skills Essay

    the matter of the child being perceived by the adult to be engaging in the sexual activity voluntary (Yarber et al., 2010, p. 594). NASW code of ethics (2008) is to understand the importance of human relationships, engage people as partners in the helping process, seek to strengthen relationships among people in a purposeful effort…

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  • Person-Centred Vs Gestalt Therapy Paper

    theories that stood out to me. The two theories are person-centered counseling and Gestalt therapy. As I was reading about these two theories I realized I could identify with both of them for two reasons. The first reason is because they focus on the entire person, and how everything they do, say and think affects them as a whole. According to Henderson and Thompson (2016), “the foundation of the person-centered approach to counseling is the idea of the sovereign human” (p. 183). Henderson and…

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  • Group Counseling

    The Significance of Group Counseling Group counseling has been proven to be as effective as individual therapy, cost effective, and applicable. Group counseling is designed to function with all types of settings, individuals, and psychological problems (Corey, Corey, & Corey, 2010). Each counseling group will contain different populations, goals, and settings, which is why group counseling is of such importance (Yalom & Leszcz, 2005). I believe group counseling can give individuals the…

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  • Comparison Of Carl Jung's Psychodynamic Approach

    Psychodynamic Approaches Comparison Although the three psychodynamic approaches are similar it is important to have a solid understanding of each one of them so that you can be an effective counselor. Seasoned counselors will often use techniques from multiple approaches as they become more experienced in which parts work with different clients and what is comfortable for the counselor. Because no two clients are the same it is important to treat them as individual’s which means there is no one…

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  • Career Assessment In Career Development

    she is in the correct vocation to taking the next best steps to move her forward to consolidation, where she will develop in that profession. In this case, the client is currently enrolled in a master’s degree program to receive a degree in school counseling to move from being a kindergarten teacher, to advancing to the next level of her career journey. Through her current work experience, the client has already identified that she prefers working in a helping position, and all three of her…

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  • My Pre-Clinical Reflection

    Pre-clinical reflection: What is my goal for learning today? My goal for the clinical day was to maintain a therapeutic conversation with the client that I am paired with. I want to allow this individual to communicate the information that he desires without pushing him into a topic or area that he does not wish to discuss. I do want to ask questions so the client can get personal about the past and future. I want to listen closely to what the clients says and respond in a therapeutic way the…

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  • Career Counselor Personal Statement

    about providing fundamental support to students. Throughout my undergrad and work experiences I have had opportunities to help students in the areas of Financial Aid, Academic Advising and Career Development. I believe I am right for the Educational Counseling: Student Affairs program. My life experiences have given me the passion I need to be a professional counselor. I am passionate in my need to help students and I know I can positively influence a student’s…

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  • Individual Assessment Stages Of Career Planning In Human Resources

    Career Planning in Human Resources “A career is the set of experiences and activities that people engage in related to their job and livelihood over the course of their working life” (Denisi, Griffin 2015). A person cannot have a career without planning what they want to do in life. Some steps a person may take in career planning areindividual assessment phase, developing a career path up the corporate ladder, communication, and career counseling.Through determination and a willingness to…

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  • Trees Without Roots Fall Over: Personal Experiences

    at a mental health private practice. Once a week, I get the opportunity to meet with Psychologists, LMHC’S, MHC’S AND MSW professionals for an hour in a case conference. I enjoy this very much because it makes me more interested in the field of counseling. It’s really helpful to me because my questions are answered about cases and my feedback is also taking into consideration. Just the other day, these professionals were showing me an example of a Thematic Apperception Test (TAT) card. I…

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