Protective service occupations

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  • Leadership Observation Of The Nurse Leader At Parkview Regional Medical Center

    and prescribe treatments for patients. Physical therapy assists the patient with restoring mobility and function (“Who are Physical Therapists?”, 2015). Occupational therapy help patients to become stronger in performing daily activities (“What is Occupation Therapy?”, 2016). Speech therapy works with patients to strengthen speech and swallowing abilities and can assess a patient’s need for thickened liquids. Case managers work with the patient’s insurance company to get coverage for their care.…

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  • Heart Of Nursing Research Paper

    “Nurses are the heart of healthcare” and nurses have a lot responsibility. My topic is nursing I have wanted to be a nurse my whole life, but I don’t have much experience in the medical field. The only things that I do know is what I have learned in health science one and two. There is a lot of information that nurses have to learn and I can’t wait to learn them. A there is lots of information about nursing that many people probably didn’t know. (Welcome to the quote garden) Nursing is, by…

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  • Reflective Essay On Nursing Education

    Preparing for this assignment required thoughtful preparation that resulted in an educational experience for myself the student. Listening intently to the Institute of Medicine released report 10/05/10 video (HTTP:// future of nursing-leading-change-advancing health.aspx) lead to excitement for me as a nurse. The Institute of Medicine report discussed the Future of Nursing: Leading change, Advancing Health. I was very surprised to learn that there were at least three…

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  • Kids'stop Case Study

    Kids’ Stop is a daycare center for preschool children. Tom Maier is the chairman and founder of the company. He handed the company to Tim, the current Chief Executive Officer four years ago. Kids’ Stop was facing a financial problem before Tim step in, and he turn the company over and continue growing since. Tim is consider as an innovator with an entrepreneur at heart, however he is a rude speaker. In this case, Tim made bad comments in of the children in front of the potential sponsor and…

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  • Autonomy For Nurses

    It is thought that physician-led teams ensures more patient safety than nurses, because of the extensive education and training they go through. The Transitional Care Model program, at the University of Pennsylvania, is a innovative nursing-led services. In it’s early trials, the program significantly decreased the hospitals readmissions, because institutions were not willing to enroll patients in a nurse-directed program (Chen 3).…

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  • Case Study: Mrs. Rebecca Willis

    Nurses have the job of not only having to support the mothers with their progression of labor; there is the health of the baby to consider. Keeping the mother plus the baby safe is the most important part of the occupation. Despite the fact, not everything works out sometimes a baby will be born “sleeping,” nurses must maintain professionalism to support the mother plus her family. Sometimes babies will be born addicted to drugs and experience withdrawals since the…

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  • Nursing Home Observation Paper

    An assisted living facility, or nursing home, is a long term senior care option that provides personal care services to geriatric or injured patients. Assisted living communities provide basic medical monitoring as well as activities of daily living (ADLs). For this field work assignment, I visited ManorCare Health Services, an assisted living and rehab facility located in Towson, MD. This specific location specializes in ensuring vital medical care and rehabilitation in a warm and caring…

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  • Head To Toe Assessment Reflection

    Today was my first day on Female Surgical Ward. The day’s objective was to perform head to toe assessment. Firstly, my preceptor introduced herself and then introduced us to the staff, before reviewing the objectives. After this, we were placed in pairs and went by a patient to perform head to toe assessment. I was relaxed and felt at ease because I had performed a head to toe assessment before, on a patient in Female Medical Ward, and in Simulation Labs. Nevertheless, I was still nervous…

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  • Skilling Vs Unite Enron Case Summary

    Major Legal and Ethical Issues in Skilling v. United States Case The Enron case sets profound lessons on the management of the present day businesses. The scandal was a white-collar crime: a non-violent, financial based criminal activity. Enron organization was formed in 1985 to trade in energy and supply. On the other hand, it participated in trading of securities and had a trading site called Enron Online (EOL). Thus, to have more members participating in EOL, Enron presented its credit and…

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  • How To Be A Nurse Practitioner Essay

    That first moment when the doctor is walking in, but then we realize they are not a doctor. They introduce themselves as a Nurse Practitioner and this catches us off guard. Why am I not seeing an actual doctor? Is this nurse qualified enough to be trusted with my health? At first we are annoyed with this fact but we are there for reason so let us get on with it. We talk to them, express our concerns and they listen. We slowly start to realize they are truly listening to our concerns and working…

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