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  • Registered Nurse Transition

    Transitioning from a student to a practicing nurse is a confusing stressful experience. This transition from a student nurse to registered nurse is an essential goal; it involves a journey of discovery while preparing and adjusting for first year practice. However, there is a great proportion of new graduate nurses who change or leave their working positions a few months after being employed due to the challenges faced during the transition year. Therefore, the aim of this paper is to showcase…

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  • Cold War Interview

    Interviewer: Good evening folks! Tonight; November 25, 1917 on CBC radio news, we have a nurse from the front lines here with us. Please welcome 27-year-old, Dorothy Cotton to the air. Dorothy: Hello! It’s great to be here! Interviewer: We’re glad to have you here too! We have some questions for you regarding the war and your responsibilities and such, if that’s alright? Our first question is: Why did you choose to enlist? Dorothy: Well I personally joined because as a woman, this was my first…

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  • Caitlyn Brassington: The Importance Of Nursing

    How important are nurses to your health care? One nurse in Australia is speaking up after being called “just a nurse” by an acquaintance. Caitlyn Brassington shared an emotional post on the two social network channels next to a picture of herself in her scrubs saying “many, many, times”, related to being called “just a nurse”, over the past 18 years in her career—and she finally decided enough was enough. “I have helped babies into the world, many of whom needed assistance to take their first…

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  • Best Stethoscope Nurses: Nurse Practitioner

    Best Stethoscope Nurses Nursing Students Nurse Practitioners What is the best stethoscope for nurses, nurse practitioners, nursing students? Throughout my 18 years as a nurse, nurse practitioner, and nursing professor the questions continuously arises, what is the best stethoscope nurses, nurse practitioners, nursing students? You should put some thought into buying a stethoscope before making the purchase. Remember your stethoscope is vital to your role as a nurse. Your stethoscope will become…

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  • Telemedicine Rural Hospitals: A Case Study

    Mergers The closure of so many departments coupled with reduced staffing levels has led several rural hospitals to offset their financial burden through mergers with larger health systems. The acquisition of smaller hospitals by larger health networks have been a growing trend in the healthcare industry. Noles (2015) notes that, the yearly number of hospital mergers have exponentially increased since 2009 with more than 60 percent of hospitals now in a network. Harrison (2011) has linked this…

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  • Personal Nursing Philosophy

    Personal Nursing Philosophy and Essential Values According to the Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice, a professional nurse must uphold a value-based behavior. When these values are demonstrated, they assist in the development of a therapeutic relationship between nurse and patient, leading to high quality patient care. The American Association of Colleges of Nursing (AACN) outlines the values that epitomize the caring, professional nurse. The following values…

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  • Career As A Medical Assistant: A Personal Statement

    I have complete my High School in United States of America. After my High school completion, I joined community college for my Associate Arts degree but while I was doing Associate Arts degree I started to have passion of working in hospital so I joined Heald College for Medical Assistant. I have achieved Diploma in Applied Science in 2012 and I received opportunity to do externship in one of the good hospital Kasier permanente,where I worked for three months as a medical assistant.After…

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  • Essay On Pursuing Nursing

    Pursuing Nursing to be a Career Shawnny K. Cruz Arizona College Abstract “The best part of being in the medical field was to see the patient’s face when you took care of them. Some patients didn’t have family like ours to take care of one another and it broke my heart to see that but I made sure that they got the best care in the world. The feeling that you can brighten up someone’s day by giving them the care they need, is something that made me love my job even more” (S.Newman, 2016). My mom…

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  • Nursing Career Report

    Four years ago, I could never imagine that I would be pursuing a career as a nurse. After spending 10 years as a financial and operations management professional, my father's health began to take a turn for the worse in 2013. In order to provide him the care he needed, I left my position at Princeton University to be his full-time caregiver. Although watching my father struggle to do basic tasks was difficult, the comfort I obtained from making his life a little easier was well worth the…

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  • Neonatal Nurse Career Report

    My end objective is to help others and comfort individuals while going through many different serious situations. After graduating from Michigan State University, I will be continuing on the nursing path to become a Neonatal Nurse Practitioner. During the nursing path, I will be interacting with diverse individuals from all different age groups. I am always getting commented on my personality about how I do an excellent job of making someone feel great in any situation. Method For over a year…

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