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  • Due Process Protection Essay

    questioned by the court that parens patriae be rejected because its meaning is no longer relevant. Fourth, due process protection is needed because of safeguards that are available for adults but not juveniles. All four of these reasoning’s appear in the Gault case, and was outlined in the Kent case. Juveniles that are in juvenile court are needing to give up part of their protection in order to receive care that is given to juveniles. This is different from the Supreme Court in which you are…

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  • Child Protection Interview Summary

    Child Protection Interview Summary Child Protective Services (CPS) is designed to protect children from abuse and neglect by investigating reports made to the agency. Unfortunately, there are cases that require children to be removed from the home and placed into the care of another person while a more in-depth investigation takes place. The role of CPS is to address each report in an appropriate manner and investigate the suspected abuse or neglect. Team A worked individually and…

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  • Whistleblower Protection Case Studies

    (ARTI), for violating the whistleblower protection provisions of the Automobile Manufacture Integrity Act of 2014 (AMIA). Price was a contractor for Ford Motor Corporation (FMC). The primary focus of this case is the interpretation of the word “employee” in § 114(a)(1) of the AMIA and whether it includes contractors. Before analyzing the interpretation of the statute itself, it is crucial to consider whether Congress delegated authority to the Occupational Protection Administration (OPA) and if…

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  • The Strengths And Weaknesses Of Child Protection

    Overall, I found that his arguments were insightful and gave me a clear idea of his beliefs and his understanding of child protection services. What aspects of the author’s arguments do you agree with and with which do you disagree? Gelles makes an interesting argument on how family preservation cannot be applied to every case when neglect or abuse is involved with a child. Popple…

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  • Child Protection In Australia Essay

    certain special circumstances like disabilities. The duties also include the protection of the children from any kind of harm which may affect them severely as a result of abuse and neglect. In Australia, the failure by a parent to provide the basic needs that a child is required, or to protect from any harm which is a consequence of abuse or neglect, amounts to an offence under the general law of land. The child protection law is strict enough to expose the abusive and neglecting parents or…

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  • Child Protection Referral Analysis

    Contents 1. Page 2 Task 2, 2.1 analysing a child protection referral • Introduction • What is a child referral? • Analysing a referral 2. Page 3 Task 2, 2.2 • Explaining working together • Good practice 3. Page 4 /Task 3 • Justifying social work intervention in a given situation in relation to the legal framework protecting children 4. Page 5 • Bibliography Task 2 Introduction The Children Act 1989 allows local authorities to intervene in order to safeguard children that are…

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  • Radiation Protection Research Paper

    acceptable unless its usefulness is demonstrated. Any radiological modality or procedure has to be justified. The second principle of radiation protection is optimization. When the exposure to radiation is justified, an effort must be engaged in order to keep the radiation dose delivered as low as reasonably achievable. The third principle of radiation protection is dose limitation in order to avoid excessive exposure of an individual. The ICRP recommends a set of dose limits for the general…

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  • Gun Protection Or Problem Essay

    Guns - Protection or Problem? Do you own a gun? Do you know someone that owns a gun? In the United States, gun ownership creates political as well as social issues. Time and time again the same question always reemerges; are guns the reason for so much violence and criminal activity or are the guns protection from the violent and sometimes deadly criminal activity? Gun control laws in the United States continue to create a political firestorm with statistical data supporting arguments both…

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  • First Amendment Speech Protection

    Discussion 12.2 Question #1 The Supreme Court should in fact adopt a more narrow view of First Amendment speech protection in an effort to possibly curb hate crimes that may be associated with such speech. Unfortunately end of the Supreme Court hate speech is protected as long as it does not prevent an intent or an immediate threat to an individual. In the regards to the Westboro Baptist Church those individuals who are protesting especially at a funeral of a fallen soldier may not exhibit any…

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  • The Importance And Protection Of Endangered Species

    certain types of communities, according to World Wildlife Fund report. The importance and conservation and sustainable management of species means better protection of forest and other important habitats in the world that animals live in. The reason we save endangered species because they are important to economical world. Some of the protection of rare species is about public interest because they are integral to ecological systems. Species around the world are endangered because when workers…

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