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  • Wolf's Criterion For A Meaningful Life Essay

    Wolf’s first criterion for a meaningful life is that a person is actively engaged in something they like to do. Not simply doing just because or without effort, but they are actively engaging in that activity. An example of a person who meets the first criterion, but not the next two would be somebody who actively engages in playing basketball, but doesn’t really enjoy it, but play it just so they are not bored. Now this person is actively engaging in basketball, but they aren’t going to stick…

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  • My Observation Of Effective Communication In The Classroom

    Although I have not been able to attend Lafayette Academy much, I have observed a magnificent teacher. Ms. Robinson teaches 1st grade an engages each child in every one of her lessons. She takes the time to work with each student and seems to have a good relationship with each child’s families. For example, if one student is off task and not completing the lesson she encourages them by saying “If I should that to your mom would she be happy?” She engages the students with her tone of voice…

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  • The Theme Of Alienation In A Hunger Artist By Fyodor Dostoyevsky

    Notes from the Underground is a novel which is written by Fyodor Dostoyevsky in 1864. It is a Russian text, but later on, it was translated into other languages. The novel is about a man who decides to alienate himself. He isolates himself and he becomes an inactive man. Thus, the theme of alienation is obvious in the novel. "A Hunger Artist" is a short story which is written by Franz Kafka. It is about a man who chooses the art of fasting to seek attention, recognition, and success. The…

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  • Student Engagement Reflection

    During my JA in a Day internship, I learned quickly that student engagement would be important to the lesson plan. Having younger classes, I knew that we would have to keep the students engaged or they would lose interest quickly. A main engagement strategy we used was positive reinforcement. Students, especially the younger ones, want to be praised for their hard work. While the students were working on the activities, my partner and I would constantly let the students know they were doing…

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  • Chrys Ingraham's Heterosexuality

    In Chrys Ingraham’s “Heterosexuality”, she discusses an angle of women’s oppression that stems from heterosexuality being normalized in society. This normalization is not natural, and is instigated because it helps men stay above in power. It is a social institution that has a bias in favor of heterosexuality and romanticize heterosexual relationships and related rituals. The main argument of Chrys Ingraham’s “Heterosexuality” is that heterosexuality is not something people are born with or…

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  • Diamond Engagement Rings

    knee and presenting a sparkling diamond ring to his now fiancee? While there is nothing wrong with a grand romantic gesture like a proposal, there are a few issues revolving diamond engagement rings. It has become a tradition for female brides-to-be to flaunt them, but how did this originate and why do we still do it today? Because they serve no real meaningful purpose, diamond engagement rings should not continue to be used in proposals. Engagement rings were originally viewed as insurance. A…

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  • Stakeholders About The Benefits Of Strong School-Family Partnerships

    educate all stakeholders about the benefits that strong school-family partnerships have on student achievement. Before effective partnerships can be developed, it is important that families and schools truly understand the necessity of school-family engagement, and the effects it has on student success. When it comes to teachers, the research discussed by Ferlazzo (2011) has shown there is often a prevailing negative attitude in schools regarding working with parents that “do not lead to the…

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  • Summary: Personal Philosophy Of Classroom Management

    their best effort (Macdonald, 2004). When students notice other students achieving their goals, it will encourage them to work hard and achiever their too. This will lead to academic success for the students in my classroom. B: engagement and motivation Student engagement and motivation are also included in my philosophy. Keeping students engaged and motivated are essential to academic success. Allowing students to have a voice in class and teach interesting and relatable information are…

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  • Family Engagement Research Paper

    ELAD690_52 M6 Discussion on Family Engagement As a new principal in an unfamiliar school, I would need to learn about existing family engagement by gathering data in order to develop an appropriate plan. According to Ferlazzo, “We need to relate to families, not as clients, but as partners in school and community improvement,” (2011, p. 10). Similarly, we need to engage all stakeholders in the community to support our schools, and educate teachers, that it is a misconception that providing…

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  • The Three Modes Of Motivation

    Everything we choose to do in our day to day lives, and every decision we make is somehow motivated. Motivation is an underlying force to everything in our lives. It dictates our engagement with our surroundings thus impacting our ability to play. We tend to fall into three modes of engagement during play. Those three modes are “the 'immersion’ orientation, the 'social’ orientation, and the 'achievement’ orientation” also known as the 'mastery’ orientation” (Gauntlett, Ackermann, Whitebread…

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