Engagement Ring Essay

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For every women the goal with a man, she loves, is to receive the diamond ring and be officially engaged. This leads to the next hopeful step. Marriage. To me the engagment ring, nowadays, is a pointless resemblance. When the engagement ring was first created there was a need for the ring as a symbol and a basic need for women because some give up everything to be with this man, including financial need. In today’s society women can and should support themselves to the point they don’t need a ring if an engagement goes astray. Today’s need vs. the societal need of the past is very different. When first starting off, the engagement ring was a sign or a bribe. The ring was a sign you were still a virgin and you, and the man who choose you, …show more content…
The ring is just an object to represent a man and a women are destined to be marred. This marriage is not even a guaranteed action. One or the other could break off the marriage, in a second, without any consequences. In societal views today the engagement ring is just a hope for every women in a relationship. Every women, now, just dreams of that one day they walk down the isle all because the man got down on one knee and proposed in a fancy restaurant. Both know they can break off the engagement or even their marriage, in a divorce, at any second. Both are so easily done,without even a second thought that the action in today 's society is ridiculous. The engagement ring was a symbol that was meaningful in society. The ring was a symbol of virtue and trust. Women would,usually, rely on the male in the relationship for financial aid. Back then if a women and male got divorced or called off the wedding the women was on her own. This is were an expensive engagement ring came into play. Back then there was also something called the “Breach of Promise to Marry” law. This allowed women to sue the male if he broke off the engagement. In today 's society the ring is a useless symbol that women expect from a

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