Engaging Families In The 21st Century Essay

Technology: Engaging Families in the 21st Century
Family plays an important role in children’s development and their education journey. When families are actively engaged in their children’s education they are more likely to have academic success, graduate high school and pursue higher education (Walsh, Cromer, & Weigel, 2014). Correspondingly, when families are engaged in their children’s education both at school and home children experience more motivation and interest in their own education (Walsh et al., 20140. Hedeen, Moses & Peter (2011) define family engagement as an invitation to staff, educators, families, community and students to work together and share responsibilities. Therefore, as educators it’s important to consider different
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Patrikaku (2014) explains, “with the help of technology, being actively involved does not necessarily require the parents’ physical presence at school, and it can also provide increased immediacy in home-school communication” (p. 2257). When families have access to pictures, videos and samples of their children’s work educators are making the children’s learning visible to parents (Holcomb, et al., 2007). Which provides an opportunity for families to make connections and engage in the learning themselves rather than only receiving a report card or progress report with just number or letter …show more content…
Traditional family engagement strategies although still have a place do not support the needs of all families. Olmstead (2013) states that family engagement “includes activities such as helping with homework, staying informed about school events, and following a child’s progress” (p.29). Therefore, technology provides opportunities for collaboration between educators and families allowing them to maintain consistent communication, bridge the gap between school and home, and creates an environment of success for the

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