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  • Themes And Symbols In Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure Island

    The dictionary definition of a symbol is, “a mark or character used as a conventional representation of an object, function, or process.” In Treasure Island, by Robert Louis Stevenson, there are an unlimited amount of symbols and motifs. The book is an adventure novel, narrating a tale of pirates and treasure, it is typically considered a coming of age story. One of the main symbols is the map. Billy Bones is a character within the first of the novel and among his things, Jim and his mother…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Camping Trip

    The Camping Trip Beep! beep! beep!, whack! Ten minutes later, beep! beep! beep!, whack! Knock! Knock! knock! “It's time to get up Mark!” Mark's mom yells. “We’re going camping today remember? Springing out of bed Mark threw on his clothes grabbed his backpack and sprinted right past his mom. “Come on Mom we have to go!” Mark had totally forgotten about the camping trip. Mark loved going camping with his family, he loved going out in wide open spaces and hunting. This year, his dad had…

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  • Summary: The Two Towers

    Tolkien is credited with having the second best selling book series in the world. The series has sold over 150 million copies. The Two Towers is the second book of the Lord Of The Rings series. The book was published on November 11, 1954. The Silmarillion paints a bigger picture to the overall story of The Lord of the Rings; it goes more in depth into the lives of characters and the lands they inhabit. The Silmarillion was finished by Tolkien’s son, then he published it on September 15, 1977.…

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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Three Injuries

    Back when I was in the fifth grade. I had three injuries back to back. First I broke my index finger, then ring finger, and finally my right collar bone. The first two where due to sports, but the last one was due to the fact that I was stupid. So pretty much I stayed hurt in fifth grade. I had found it to be so hysterical that all my injuries happened on my right side of my body. Well let me explain how I got them three injuries. Well, I have played baseball from Tee-ball from Babe…

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  • Archetypes In Literature

    and go on an adventure. He witnesses that Gandalf was not lying and he encounters many hostile monsters. He discovers a golden ring which makes the user invisible (this comes in handy many times throughout the story). Eventually after confronting trolls, goblins, Wargs, and escapes on flying eagles, Bilbo is reunited with the dwarfs, and saves them by using the magical ring and sword to free them. The group overcomes challenges with elves, a dragon named Smaug and making a new friend (the archer…

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  • Character Analysis Of Randy Adderson In The Outsider

    Do you know who Randy Adderson is, well he is from a book called The Outsiders. The novel The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton is about two groups of boys the Greasers and the Soc. They don't really get along but there is only one Soc that does get along with a greaser his name is Randy. The character Randy Adderson is a mature, honest, and thoughtful guy. First of all Randy is really mature. (p.141) S.E. Hinton it shows. “No kid, it was your friend, the one who died in the hospital.” This shows he is…

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  • The Lord Of The Flies Fear Analysis

    In The Lord of the Flies, one of the themes is fear. The little boys are having nightmares and are overwhelmingly scared. “‘Last night I had a dream, a horrid dream, fighting with things. I was outside the shelter by myself, fighting with things, those twisty things in the trees’” (84). Phil, one of the littluns talked about what he dreamed that night. He thought he saw a beast in the trees, then another littlun, Percival, talked about how he saw the beast. All the talking about the beast make…

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  • The Hobbit Journey

    Barrel Riders, Orc Fighters "Slay them all!" (Jackson). The orcs are ready to kill the dwarves, but their plan takes a detour and wood elves come, shooting arrows everywhere. The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien is about a hobbit named Bilbo Baggins, who goes on an adventure with 13 greedy, old dwarves and a wizard named Gandalf, to help them reclaim the Lonely Mountain. The Lonely Mountain is filled with treasure and it used to be owned by the dwarves, but it became in possession of Smaug, a…

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  • Essay On Jack's Authority In Lord Of The Flies

    The boy’s in the novel have a tremendous fear of Jacks authority but they wouldn't dare to confront him about it because he supplies meat and ‘fun”, even though the boys like Ralph as a leader they wouldn’t go behind Jack for the means of their survival, And that they are afraid of him physically. He is much larger than the younger one and because he is an authority figure, he can boss others around to do harm to anyone that disobeys his authority; the younger weaker boys are in a difficult…

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  • The Mentor Archetype In The Hero's Journey

    In The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, Gandalf plays the mentor archetype because he is full of wisdom, has experience from many treacherous journeys , and is a superb leader. The mentor archetype in the Hero’s journey (In this case, Bilbo’s hero's journey) is the hero or initiates teacher figure who often guides them through the journey by giving them advice, information, wisdom, etc. One of the many marks of a good mentor is experience, and in The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien, it is made known that…

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