Literacy Interview Essay

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Literacy Interviews Oral language development begins the day they are born making literacy vital for children to grow and enhance their skills. Reading allows for children to gain knowledge and enjoy reading on their free time. As educators it important to provide a variety of books and give students the opportunity to read during class. In a diverse class, it crucial for teacher to have books that meet the students level and interest in order for them to enjoy and learn from reading.
Literacy begins with parent involvement in order for children to develop not only in reading but listening, speaking, and writing.
Themes, Comments, and Practices
In my interview, I saw a variety of views and values about reading at home and their involvement
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For example, talking to the baby about their plans and what they were going to have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The mother also sings to her baby and tries to engage him in manipulative activities. The two-year old was my third interview and the parent were very involved. They read to her before bedtime and she was engaged through just half of the book before she wanted to take over and “read” on her own. The parents also interact through audio music and nursery rhythms which from my observation she is able to mimic songs and pronounce a few words which made me proud to hear that they find time to enhance her literacy …show more content…
I have to be aware of different needs and how they will make progress throughout the year. If I don’t expose children to practice literacy skills, they will have a hard time to adjust and make progress throughout the year. The classroom should be set up in a way that there is room for play, circle time, and individual work. I believe it would be best if I would create a newsletter or have a meeting for parents to inform them of ways they can help their children grow through literacy practice and how important it is to have them involved at a young age. As society is advancing and so is technology allowing for them to explore is a good idea for them to adapt to society. Children shouldn’t be neglected to learning or exposing them to new ways of

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