Classroom Scaffolding Skills

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In Language Learning for School Aged Children, I developed a further understanding of literacy, as it pertains to language development and the field of Speech Pathology. Throughout the semester, I used several of the literacy-specific techniques and ideologies presented in this class; specifically, I used shared book reading to enhance reading comprehension at the Preschool for Creative Learning. Two lectures that I found particularly useful and referred to throughout the semester are the “Scaffolding and Reading Instruction” PowerPoint and the “Reading Comprehension: The Problem and The Challenge of Intervention” PowerPoint.
The “Scaffolding and Reading Instruction” PowerPoint provided a thorough and concrete outline for the scaffolding skills
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As a Speech-Language Pathologist, instructional discourse involves scaffolding techniques and instructions given to students. These techniques and instructions involve being thorough and explicitly teaching goals to better assist students and clients with their development. Instructional discourse as a Speech-Language Pathologist is not that different from that of a teacher. For example, we use the different phases of reading (before, during and after) and adapt to several different learning styles instead of focusing primarily on one. This has helped me to add detail to my therapy sessions and look at each aspect of learning and how subject matter can be taught depending on the client’s …show more content…
As previously stated, I wanted to learn hands-on approaches. This semester really helped me to observe other clinicians and shape their scaffolding and techniques so that I could implement them in a way that helped my clients. I was also able to develop specific techniques on my own, especially related to shared book reading. This project gave me a better understanding of how a classroom works from an outsider’s standpoint. Up until this point, I have always been the student and now I am learning how to be the teacher.
One of my professional goals this semester was to learn how to work with a group. Luckily, group work was a good percentage of what I completed this semester, especially for service learning. It is important to learn to work as a team, especially as a professional, because we often have to work as a team in order to problem solve. In the field of Speech-Language Pathology, I will almost always be working with a team of some sort. I coordinated well with other people, learned about compromising and brainstorming as a group and developed

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