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  • Example Of Improvisations

    CORRELATIONS BETWEEN MY CD "COMPOSITIONAL IMPROVISATIONS™ FROM THE "MYSTERIA", AND "COMPOSITIONAL IMPROVISATIONS VOL I: WATER": Because these are improvisations, the use of the motives in the templates is to some extent arbitrary, as choices were made "in the moment" of improvisation--which is one of the most important aspects of the templates, one that can bring tremendous spontaneity to a performance. Other motives not in this template are used in the course of these improvisations as well, some of which may appear in future templates. The motives are often in a different key from the template on the CD, and reflect earlier versions of the template when the motives were often presented in different keys. You will also notice that many of the motives are presented in the diatonic scale. Earlier versions of the templates included the diatonic, but that scale was deleted for space considerations. Judicious modification of the acoustic scale (eliminating the characteristic raised fourth and flatted seventh notes) will produce the diatonic scale. For skype (and in-person lessons in the templates) please contact: composer@composerimprov.com In terms of correlating the template to the CD tracks, Track 7--"Apotheosis"--is a good place to start, as it is only 1:59 long, and also available as a single digital download from Amazon. TRACK 1 (REFLECTS DANS LE SOLEIL): USES "SUNSET WATER", C SCALES The distinctive opening half of the motive "Sunset Water" goes through various…

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  • Vase, Bottle, And Swan Lake Comparison

    First, the harmony consists of a repeated eleven chord group, which is played through most of the song. This repetition is called an ostinato. Throughout a majority of the song, the rhythm is comprised of a bass drum beat with extravagant riffs included between the lines. Next, the melody is a combination of singing and shouting. Commonly, there are numerous repeated notes at the start of the line with a downward formula at the end of the line when the words are sung. The timbre is prominent in…

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  • Blossoms On A Moonlit River Analysis

    E natural minor. But the foundation tone of this piece is G, so the piece is therefore in G major. At 0:44 in the Sacred Pool of Tears the yellow bell, or foundation tone, is heard. The piece begins in D minor, and establishes a pentatonic scale containing D, E, G, A, C with an occasional F, which makes it similar to the Ionian mode. When it changes to F minor, which is the third of D minor, the scale also changes. The pentatonic scale now becomes F, A, B, C, E which is similar to the Phrygian…

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  • The Red Centre Poem Analysis

    dangerous and hazardous situation that Burke and wills faced. The energising opening, sudden and strong timpani is used followed by long notes of strings make a tension as a crescendo, and the warned timpani alternates between strings of timpani. The instrumental use of strings of timpani and long orchestral chord with strong and bold solo horn are much like of the movement of something advancing in a gradual and steady manner that could suggest to hazards and dangers of the unknown place, and…

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  • The Twelve Tone Technique

    original order, all other forms reference this particular order. Any row form that is the same as, or a strict transposition of, that opening prime form is also a prime form. Inversion is the row with upside down intervals. Retrograde form is the row in reverse order. Retrograde inversion is a row that is read upside down and in reverse order. This technique can be found in Variations for Orchestra, Op. 31 (1928); Piano Pieces, Opp. 33a & b (1931), and the Piano Concerto, Op. 42 (1942) and a…

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  • Toy Story 3 Analysis

    The first scene in the movie features the song “Cowboy!” to represent Andy’s childhood and his interactions with Buzz, Woody and the other toys. To introduce the film, a fanfare is played by first the French horn then by the trumpets. Throughout the rest of the piece, various brief ostinatos, such as the one used while on Dr. Porkchop’s ship, give an air of heart-racing excitement to the preceding. Like many children, Andy plays with a variety of toys at once that may not fit the theme of play,…

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  • Sound It Out Analysis

    The assertive Chris Speed was the chosen man to instigate the fresh third tune (the title escaped me), confidently leaping across several octaves with the balmy timbre of his tenor sax. After a little while, a guitar ostinato and a tight bass-drums lilt helped to shape a sort of spiritual utterance. The levels of tension are raised by the inharmonious-yet-never-harsh approaches of Attias and Goldberg. “Ringleader” was the next one, featuring a few agreeable guitar dissonances and an ebullient…

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  • Analysis Of Jen Shyu's Song Of Silver Geese

    The flutist culminates the piece with a contemplative solo improvisation, which guides us to the next mysterious door, “Dark Road, Silent Moon”, a decidedly cinematic and experimental journey reinforced by the purely dramatic chops of the strings. “World of Hengchun” is a Taiwan-influenced piece whose dramatic orchestration feels propitious for serious puppet shows or operas, while “World of Ati Batik” is an interesting, quasi-robotic litany, beautifully put up by voice, piano, and flute. The…

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  • No Country For Old Men: Scene Analysis

    Kontakt Factory Library played unison when the ship appears in the scene at 1:43 to represents a tension, the danger of the situation and the distinct change of atmosphere. Music can also shapes movements of characters: the strings (violin pizzicato and violin vibrato), the glockenspiel and the flute played diatonic descending notes at 2:14 to reinforce the picture when the main hero falls down. - in interstellar: Without a doubt, Mountains by Hans Zimmer was an inspiration in this scene.…

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  • Rodrigo Garcia Lorca Essay

    Revueltas’ style seen in his Homage to Federico García Lorca has been referred as a combination of Mexican and European-modernist music. This is a result, mainly, of his scoring as well as the rhythm of his various movements. Referring to the scoring, the ensemble employed refers a lot to the typical mariachi band which is a very common vernacular group that performs in Mexican cultures; Revueltas uses the typical combination of trumpets and violins, but instead of guitars, he uses a piano and…

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