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  • Comparison Of Miss Rose Bradwardine And The Chieftain's Sister

    Ironically, when Byron insults “the four first rhymes” and begs “take them not for mine” he is disparaging the rhymes of his own stanza as well. The Ottava Rima is consequently an expectation and a denial of the content contained within a signal form. This combination of two vastly different types of content, the lyrical beginning, and the punchy concluding rhyming couplet, demonstrates Byron’s use of different conventions and his combination of genres to his own egotistical, burlesque…

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  • My Papa's Waltz Poem Analysis

    The Analysis of the Three Poems “My Papa’s Waltz”, “My Father’s Hats” and “Those Winter Sundays” are poems which are real exciting and express the love of fathers towards their kids. In these poems they describe to us the friendship between children and their fathers. The poem “My Papa’s Waltz” explains how a young boy was dancing waltz music with his drunken father. The young son appeared to enjoy having fun with his father while dancing despite the fact that he kept on chafing his ear on his…

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  • Narrative Voice In Sonnet 116, By Rudyard Ripling

    Narrative voice involves analyzing the speaker and considering all aspects the narrator highlights which helps the reader understand the style and tone of the poem. Furthermore, the tone of voice the poet uses helps the reader understand the plot of the poem. In this essay I will analyze how narrative voice impacts the poem. Furthermore, I will analyze, the actual impact and importance the narrator has on the reader. “If” talks about the moral and complex lessons a man has to attain throughout…

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  • What Does Sailing To Byzantium Mean

    physical immortality, and the inescapable nature of time. Yeats makes the agedness of his speaker explicit not only in his language but in the structure of the poem itself. His form is a very old one, ottava rima: stanzas consisting of eight lines of iambic pentameter, rhyming abababcc. By the time “Sailing to Byzantium” was written in 1926, this form had been in use for more than 300 years. Beyond that, he self-identifies as both an “old” man, in the first line of the first stanza, and an…

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  • Analysis Of Sailing To Byzantium

    the natural world,it is man-made. Art is the only way the poet can become immortal and stay for forever on this world. The usage of terms like ‘gyre’ and ‘fire’ are repeated consecutively. Assonant terms such as ‘perne’ dim in the ears like the vowels are echoing one another. In stanza four, the writer mentions again that he will not settle for any physical incarnation because all earthly bodies are subjected to immortality. The poet decides that he wants to become a golden bird singing to…

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  • Motivational Themes In Maya Angelou

    Inspirational and motivational poems connect to the audience on another level as if the author and the reader are having a heart to heart conversation. Life poems are a lifetime piece of art put into words. There is no right or wrong when describing one’s life, but there is a bad and good. Including, a countless wicked approach or a respectable approach. Maya Angelou poetry approaches this theme. Maya Angelou presented a traditional style forming her poems in a formal stanzaic form. When she…

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  • The Meaning Behind The Green Light In The Great Gatsby

    vampire, ghost, monster, or a human could have the characteristics needed to make the novel follow the guidelines of a vampire story. Devil in the White City, by Erik Larson, is one such example of vampirism. The book follows the true story of a serial killer who lives in Chicago. Much like a vampire stalks his victims, so did Mr. Holmes, the serial killer, hunt his victims. He used the building of the world’s fair in Chicago to mask his murders and ensure that nobody would discover him. Most of…

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