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  • The Ottawa Tribe

    The Ottawa Tribe was one of the first Indian tribes to see the value in education. Because their leaders knew the importance of learning, the set money aside to start a college. The University of Ottawa was founded in 1865 ( and has grown into a full functioning college that thrives today. The idea of a school came when a group of Baptist Missionaries led by reverend Jotham Meeker was working alongside the Ottawa tribe to improve their lives ( The original idea was to set up a boarding school for ages six to eighteen, however they changed their minds and opened a college instead. The tribe and the Baptists formed an agreement that the tribe would pay for it, as long as the Baptists would run the school ( The…

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  • Ottawa Student Movement Analysis

    We interpret that the Ottawa student protest did not face this issue because of the precedent set by the Montreal strike. Jennifer Beth Spiegel wrote an article called Performing “in the red”: Transformations and tensions in repertoires of contention during the 2012 Quebec Student strike. In her article she highlights a lot of the key aspects of the student strike. As she states in her paper: “The legitimacy, and very ability, of a student strike was denied outright by many government and…

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  • Personal Experience: Immigrants In Canada

    a bit of information to a group discussion, either in my classes or in a club meeting, I have often surprised to see how impressed other individuals are at my understanding of various topics. When I have submit an assignment and my professor gets back to me saying that it was the more thorough and sophisticated paper they had read, it gives me a feeling as though I have really come a long way in my studies, and that my hard work has really paid off. I realize that despite all of my hard work,…

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  • Ottawa Trek

    early June 1935 and headed across the prairies. After the trek had left Calgary, “the trekkers” picked up more recruits and when they reached Saskatchewan they were numbering an estimated 2,000 men. On June 17th when local governments refused to help the strikers they began to be disheartened by their lack of progress, so strike leaders decided to move the protest to Ottawa. 1000 strikers took freight trains and began the "On to Ottawa Trek”, but after receiving an order from Prime Minister…

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  • Importance Of The Ottawa Charter

    IS THE OTTAWA CHARTER FOR HEALTH PROMOTION (1986) STILL RELEVANT IN THE 21ST CENTURY? INTRODUCTION In 1986 Canada held the first International Conference on Heath Promotion in Ottawa, aiming to attain World Health Organisation (WHO) objective of advocating health for all (WHO 1986). The charter defined Health promotion as “the process of enabling people to increase control over, and to improve, their health” (WHO 1986). The Ottawa Charter advocated for five principles of promoting health…

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  • Ottawa Charter Examples

    Health promotion is the process of advertising the importance of peoples ability to control and improve their health. It is a way of enabling people to reach a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being. The Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion is the name of an international agreement organized by the World Health Organization. The agreement focuses on targeting communities, governments, and companies in order to achieve ‘Health for all’ and an overall better lifestyle for…

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  • Ottawa Charter Nursing

    The Ottawa Charter for health promotion in 1986 defined health promotion as the process of helping people to increase control over and improve their health (World Health Organazation, 2014). Health promotion also incorporates the client capacity to cope with any changes to their health and giving importance to their health goals that satisfied with their needs (Chen & Lin, 2010). The Ottawa Charter (1986) for health promotion outlines five major action strategies for health promotion including…

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  • Ottawa Student Motivation Letter

    Thank you for your time to read my letter. Ottawa Student Advocate aims to improve students welfare, and, as a student in University of Ottawa, we really appreciate what you did for us. Recently, we are researching on the tuition fees of University of Ottawa by collecting secondary resources and find some surprise facts. I write the letter to present the issue of the tuition. the influences it has on students, as well as the alternatives for this problem. Backgrounds and Issues: As of…

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  • Ottawa Charter Monologue

    Last night I slept soundly and deeply. I was a bit upset that I couldn’t learn more about Ava and Becca, but today I will be able to. After a breakfast of some meat, some warmed-up vegetables, and a drink of water, we began to discuss how we would go further with our plan. Professor West pointed out that since we found Ava in the rubble, there could be more survivors. Given the very low chance of finding more people, I'm guessing we won't look for long. We will travel to other cities I suppose.…

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  • The Importance Of The Ottawa Charter For Health Promotion

    The World Health Organization (2016) encompasses the Ottawa Charter for Health Promotion which identifies specific health promotion actions to work towards achieving health for all. These actions may be in the form of public health, healthy living seminars, or health promotion events such as, “Age is an Asset”, which is a program for adults over the age of 55 re-entering the workforce. For a variety of reasons, an individual over the age of 55 may be required to re-enter the workforce. These…

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