Ottawa Tribe of Oklahoma

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  • The Ottawa Tribe

    The Ottawa Tribe was one of the first Indian tribes to see the value in education. Because their leaders knew the importance of learning, the set money aside to start a college. The University of Ottawa was founded in 1865 ( and has grown into a full functioning college that thrives today. The idea of a school came when a group of Baptist Missionaries led by reverend Jotham Meeker was working alongside the Ottawa tribe to improve their lives ( The original idea was to set up a boarding school for ages six to eighteen, however they changed their minds and opened a college instead. The tribe and the Baptists formed an agreement that the tribe would pay for it, as long as the Baptists would run the school ( The…

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  • The Illinois Indians

    The Illinois Indians were one of the most preponderant tribes in the Central United States during the of the European discoveries. According to sociologist Russell Thornton, their population was at 10,500 around 1670. The Illinois Indians were a body of Algonquian-speaking groups. Those groups were the Kaskaskia, Maroa, Chinkoa, Tapouaro, Coiracoentanon, Moingwena, Espeminkia, Tamaroa, Che Possa, Cahokia, Michigamme, Wea, Piankashaw, Peoria, Mascouten, and Miami. In the 1830’s when the Indian…

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  • War Of 1812 Consequences

    The journey depicted the brutal action that the government underwent to remove the Cherokee out of their land. Around 4,000 Cherokee Natives died and showed the brutal actions that the United States took to strip the Natives of the ancestral land (Stockdale 2). The natives were seen as being uncivilized beings who were known as just being “hunters” or “savages” although they were able to prove otherwise by creating their own indigenous language and culture with neighboring Natives near the…

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  • Kaw People Vs Absentee Landowners

    two essays that I wrote for this class, Kaw People and Absentee Landowners the interesting connection between both essays is that not only were the Indians moved off the land but settlers and their descendants who wanted the land were priced out of the land in Chase County. Both essays are connected by the simple fact that as land became more valuable only the most powerful or richest could own the land and as a result both the Kaw and people of Chase County have became more dependent on…

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