Kaw People Vs Absentee Landowners

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Battle over land ownership and the movement of the Native American’s off of their land is part of the American story. As whites moved across America, the Indians were moved to less desirable land. In the two essays that I wrote for this class, Kaw People and Absentee Landowners the interesting connection between both essays is that not only were the Indians moved off the land but settlers and their descendants who wanted the land were priced out of the land in Chase County. Both essays are connected by the simple fact that as land became more valuable only the most powerful or richest could own the land and as a result both the Kaw and people of Chase County have became more dependent on others for support. First the Native Americans were moved off the land and then eventually the settlers were priced out of the land. Kansas started out as a large reservation in the 1825 Indian Removal Act. The tribes moved to Kansas included the Delaware, Kickapoo, Miami, Sac, Fox, Ottawa, and Peoria, who were moved out of Missouri into Kansas land held by the Kaw Nation. The land in Kansas was seen at the time as useless and undesirable. Overtime with the white settlers wanting more and more land. The settlers began to invade …show more content…
The Native Americans became impoverished because the land given to Native Americans is some of the worst land which cannot sustain crops. Unemployment on reservations can be as high as 85% (The Poverty Cycle). Native Americans are dependent on the government because they do not own their land, economic growth is controlled by the government, there is a complex legal network making it difficult for economic growth and energy development on the land, and the government has had a history of mismanaging Native American assets by under evaluating them (Five Ways the Government Keeps Native Americans in

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