The Trail Of Tears The Rise And Fall Of The Cherokee Nation Summary

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In the book “Trail of Tears: The Rise and fall of the Cherokee Nation” a book where more than 18,000 Indians were forced to move to Oklahoma in a march known as The Trail of Tears, John Ehle explains with details all the events that led to this happening. In the book we learn a lot from the Cherokee nation which was one of the most important tribes at that time. There are also many characters discussed in this book, like the life of major Ridge who was one of the most well known and important leaders of the Cherokee tribe and played a major role during the negotiations of the white men and Cherokees trying to fix their issues and come together on laws, culture and land. It also talks about John Russ who was also a well known Cherokee leader …show more content…
Even though the idea of removing the Cherokee nation from their land came from President Jackson with the removal act, they were many other people that had interest of removing the Indians and sending them to Oklahoma. Many white settlers on the border also called for the Indians to move west and white people in Georgia and other southern states that were in the border with the Cherokee declined to acknowledge the Cherokee individuals as social equivalents and asked their political delegates to seize the Cherokees’ …show more content…
Even though the books said that they were not forcing the Indians to sign this treaty, the consequences of not signing them were not going to be favorable for these people. By the Indians not signing this treaty it was basically suicide for them since the government informed them that they were not going to be protected, were going to killed if seen by authorities, forcibly removed from their own land and those who considered themselves brave had to be ready to fight for it.
Additionally, the Cherokee was one of the biggest tribes but obviously were not at the same level to go against the government and white people that wanted them away, since they were outnumbered and did not have the same resources to fight. One full chapter on the book was dedicated to a letter that the President Jackson sent the leaders of tribe giving them the options previous mentioned, Major ridge and Elias Beaundinot were in favor for the treaty removal and were going against Ross party lead by John Ross who was against the

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