The Importance Of Human Rights In Canada

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Being born and raised in Canada, I have always seen myself as Canadian first, and everything else second. Coming from an Iranian background and the child of Iranian immigrants, in high school I was often labelled the “brown kid” or the “Iranian boy.” Although not the most derogatory of terms, they were a constant reminder that I was not the same as the rest of the students. My family didn’t celebrate Christmas, even though it was the only thing people talked about in December. Instead, we celebrated Eid, or “Nowruz” in March. We also didn’t celebrate Easter, it was just another day off for us. I was always pushed by my parents to do the best I could possibly do in school and not be distracted by such things, while most parents were fine with …show more content…
At Carleton, I am currently studying a combined honours in Law and Human Rights. It was by my 3rd year that I began to realize I was only really applying the social justice aspect of human rights to my life, not the legal aspect I was learning in my law classes. I started to realize that my drive for social change, especially in Canada, could be best achieved through studying law. As previously stated, coming from an immigrant and middle-eastern background I have firsthand experience in witnessing the outlook many immigrants, particularly of Middle-eastern decent, have towards Canadian society, and the Canadian legal system. Many immigrants feel disenfranchised, powerful, and therefore resentful of Canadian society. With my drive for social change, I feel that through studying law and becoming an active and engaging member in my community, I can work to drive real social change and to bring many distraught and disenfranchised communities back into the fold of active societal engagement. Within Canadian society, social movements can often have a very profound effect on influencing society’s perceptions on issues, but it is through the law that justice is truly achieved. I believe as a passionate individual with personal experience into the daily issues many immigrants face, I can work to generate a real passion for Canadian law, and work to help properly integrate new members of Canadian society in their

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