The Red Centre Poem Analysis

Musicology essay term 2 year 12
In order to depict Australian culture, landscape and people. Many Australian composers seek to have in his music a synthesis of ideas from the many cultures present in Australia. They also have in common in his music is a search for what it means to be Australian. Even among of those composers, Peter Sculthorpe particularly tends to have strong cross cultural music quotation and musical gestures made in an attempt to capture Australia’s geographical qualities. By borrowing music from indigenous culture, he efficiently expresses the music that very consciously explores the notion of Australian identity. Peter’s use of the material shows a consideration of context and musical synthesis are used to explore cultural
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This song brings a fresh perspective to listeners both graphically and musically on Australia’s history as reflected in an epic “Symphony of Australia”, juxtaposes consonance and dissonance, beauty and ruggedness, thick texture with simple moments. Didgeridoo and other non-western instruments are used to give a more authentic voice to some of the movement. This epic is divided into 6 movements and The red centre is the third movement of this epic. Basically, this movement is about exploration of the continent and the extraordinary story of Burke and wills 1860. The piece begins with aggressive rhythmic opening is associated with dangerous and hazardous situation that Burke and wills faced. The energising opening, sudden and strong timpani is used followed by long notes of strings make a tension as a crescendo, and the warned timpani alternates between strings of timpani. The instrumental use of strings of timpani and long orchestral chord with strong and bold solo horn are much like of the movement of something advancing in a gradual and steady manner that could suggest to hazards and dangers of the unknown place, and death. The mysteriousness and excitements of exploration and mixed feelings between life and death of the explorers are also represented through this melody and technique. This liminal section then comes into a new faster section with positive optimistic ostinato sounds of woodwinds, brasses and strings …show more content…
The both of these two pieces are depicting Australia and used really high musical techniques, however, Kakadu is well expressing what Australia and its culture were. This piece creates a clear image of Australian culture and tradition straight away into audiences’ mind by using aboriginal musical instruments that one of the biggest difference between two. Peter Sculthorpe’s idea of borrowing music from indigenous musical instrument and techniques is literally good idea to represent exactly what the country is like. This makes the connection graphically and musically with Australia’s history and stereotype that aboriginal people valued nature beauty and western people destroyed its abandon. Kakadu is expertly portrayed Australia’s cultural diversity and beautiful and spacious landscape when European explorers came to this

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