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  • Personal Narrative: Instillectomy And Recovery

    In November of 2010, I got my tonsils taken out, at eight years old. It really affected me because in the year of 2010 alone, I had already had strep throat about five or six times. It had been going on since we moved to Ohio, from Indiana in 2009, and it was just getting worse. My doctor was worried and we were sent to an ENT doctor, which stands for ears, nose and throat. I still know my doctor and go to get checked every six months. So from my tonsillectomy and recovery, here are the moments I remember. When we started driving on the morning of the surgery, I was exhausted because the night before, I stayed awake, anxious for the day coming. What will happen? and how long will it take? and will I be okay? and will I have to stay overnight? and what if I don’t wake up? I thought all of these thoughts to myself that night, making me even more nervous. My parents tried to calm me down by telling me things like, “everything will be okay,” and, “just think about how much better you will feel in the end.” Once we entered the surgery center, a lady with long brown hair, like mine, smiled at me as we walked up to the check-in desk. My parents signed some papers and told her my name. “How old are you,” the lady asked me as she put a white and blue wristband on my wrist, with a very welcoming voice that made me feel safe. “Eight,” I replied and she gave me a little, soft bear with a shirt that said, “Ohio Surgery Center.” I was very happy about the bear, it was just something…

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  • The Popularity Of Non Surgical Facelift Treatments

    Summary: If wrinkles have started to mar your natural beauty, it is the right time to go in for fillers treatment. Have you been probing for fillers injections in Delhi to fill in those wrinkles appearing all over your face? Undeniably, there has been lots of talk on the TV and radio about fillers for jawline in Delhi and for wrinkles and how great they are to throw out the wrinkles. Some individuals count on them, while others are more disbelieving about the risk involved. It can be reasonably…

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  • Dental Malpractice Case

    have to show that the defendant failed to observe this standard of care. Medical professionals are held to a higher standard of accountability expected from professional practitioners. The doctor in this case was not held accountable because the plaintiff failed to establish the elements necessary for a medical malpractice case. The malpractice case would have a similar impact on health care providers from different cultural backgrounds. A reasonable standard of care is required to prevent…

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  • Essay: The Moment I Knew

    Today, I’m an Operations Manager in the Section of Otolaryngology and Program Manager for the Department of Surgery at the Yale School of Medicine. I joined ENT to put performance benchmarks in place to measure the real value we provide to our patients, to form more complete and efficient patient and work flow processes, and to help solve for the challenges of a new era in healthcare, one where the costs of failure are real. I find myself in need of deeper finance and accounting skills in order…

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  • Medical Error Classification Essay

    Presently, there are such classifications in anesthesia, general practice, laboratory medicine and otolaryngology. The error classification system is able to identify critical areas of frequency and common causes. For example, in otolaryngology, the critical errors list includes wrong site surgery, testing, medication, surgical planning and equipment-related errors. The benefits of having an error classification system will yield an increase in physicians’ knowledge and becoming aware of these…

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  • Osteopathic Personal Statement

    believed western physicians made patients sicker and therefore did not trust them. When she was suddenly admitted to the hospital for fluid leakage of the liver, the damage to her internal organs were too severe to be treated. Although at first I assumed my grandmother was being cynical about American culture of healthcare, I later learned that my hometown consisted of a large Vietnamese population that were not receiving adequate healthcare services, including individuals like my grandmother.…

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  • Hypothesis Testing

    get a bachelor’s degree, a medical degree, and successfully complete both a residency program and fellowship program can take up to fifteen years in total (Greenwood). It is then no wonder that women must think long and hard before deciding to combine the task of being a doctor with the responsibilities of having a family. Unfortunately, the period during which most women start having children occurs around the same time women are finishing up medical school, residency, or starting their medical…

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  • Should Animals Be Used In Animal Research

    were different from rats. Because most likely animals will not produce the accurate medical results for humans, animals are suffering for almost no reason. In order for scientist to attempts to try and discover a medical breakthrough, they first need an animal that is in good health. They then proceed to injure the animal. This can range anywhere from “Testing new drugs to infecting with diseases, poisoning for toxicity testing , burning skin, causing brain damage, implanting electrodes…

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  • Importance Of Facelift Surgery

    young and vibrant. Although it seems that everyone is having something "done," not many are so willing to announce it; let alone refer you to their doctor. Ideally, referrals are a great way for one to inspect a surgeon's work but are sometimes difficult to come by. So now what? Well, it's time to do some homework. Not every cosmetic surgeon have the same training or certifications. Currently, there are five different legitimate boards that are either a member board of the American Board of…

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  • MSHI Personal Statement

    I gained exposure to the product management function. I saw that role as a practical blend of hands-on product development, analysis, marketing creativity, and business planning. I completed my transition from quality engineering to product marketing with my completion of the MBA program at Santa Clara University. I subsequently built and led product management, marketing, and sales distribution teams for several medical devices companies. These roles required close collaboration with…

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