Occipital lobe

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Multitasking

    Your driving your new car down the streets with pride of how your father gave it to you as a present on your birthday. Unless somebody else behind you driving too. Is trying to multitask by texting and driving. And BOOM your new car is damaged by an idiot who tried to be a multitasker. What is multitasking? When I hear the word multitasking I think about how we ourselves do something by adding one or more things into a task. A good example is of us teenagers listening to music while doing…

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  • Self Awareness Research Paper

    Throughout the history of the science of psychology, researchers, clinicians, and theorists have all attempted to answer the question “what makes us uniquely human?” It is obvious to the untrained observer of nature how humans are different from other mammals in the animal kingdom: humans can think rationally and logically, have feelings and emotions, develop more slowly than any other mammal, and are able to work together on a massive scale to form sprawling civilizations. When one steps back…

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  • Zombification Informative Speech

    “So you think, so you become.” When ignorance, and poverty struck a whole nation, and the elite makes a call to god… “Nothing in the world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.” ― Martin Luther King Jr. Many have witnessed or heard about act of terrors in Haiti on the name of “Zombification,” causing by a group of undercover criminals. It is by itself a broad topic full of stupidity, but this idea is important to introduce what I want to tackle today.…

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  • Phineas Gage Case Study Answers

    which accept a key part in two or three mental perimeter points. Four structures or overlays that bundle the cerebral cortex and particular limit points are the frontal projection, the parietal fold, the transient projection, and the occipital fold. The occipital…

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  • Synaptic Pruning Effect

    The Prefrontal cortex, also known as the frontal lobe, is located behind the forehead. The Prefrontal Cortex helps with thinking ahead and sizing up risk and reward. The Frontal Lobe matures later than other parts of the brain. (Galvan). If teens spend too much time on screens, then their behavior could result badly, since their frontal lobe matures later. Prefrontal Cortex damage can cause disinhibition, such that the behavior of a subject is…

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  • Mozart Influence

    Some areas of the brain include the frontal cortex, motor cortex (both front and back areas), temporal lobe, the auditory cortex, and also includes the spinal cord and peripheral nervous system. Due to the demanding tasks that playing music has on the body, enhancement in intellect can be proven when a child plays an instrument after a year. The Portland…

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  • PET Disadvantages

    Early brain imaging studies of musical imagery used PET (positron emission tomogra- phy), which has now been almost completely replaced by fMRI. PET and fMRI each have their pros and cons as methods for functional brain imaging. PET works by com- bining several tricks. Typically, subjects are injected with 2-deoxyglucose, a modified form of sugar that is transported through the bloodstream to cells just like glucose, but cannot be metabolized. As a result, 2-deoxyglucose builds up rapidly in…

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  • Teenage Drinking Chapter Summary

    Silveris provides us research-based studies that tell us adolescent drinking has increased almost ten percent in the last ten years. The question Silveri attempts to answer is what effects does this have directly on adolescents, and on society as a whole. Is this the effect of underlying factors such as alcohol being easier to obtain by adolescents or even an increase in depression by adolescents? Additionally Silveri discusses the types of harms adolescent drinking has directly the brain.…

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  • Functional MRI-Based Lie Detection Summary

    “Functional MRI-based lie detection: Scientific and societal challenges” is an article written by Martha J. Farah, J. Benjamin Hutchinson, Elizabeth A. Phelps and Anthony D. Wagner in the journal Nature Reviews Neuroscience. This article is about how Functional MRI (fMRI) are started to be studied for use in lie detection in at least trials in the United States. The authors of this article address five main themes: the science of fMRI-based lie detection, how these studies apply to the real…

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  • How To Write A Reflective Essay On Cognitive Psychology

    Her seizures originate in her left temporal lobe. Almost every day, she experiences impairments in her language functioning. Most of the time when we talk, my mom will have difficulty finding words to use. Over the weekend, my dad hosted a party at our house. My mom becomes so self-conscious and…

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