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  • The Ethics Of Texting And Driving

    According to www.manneliasinjurylaw.com/distracted-driving/ "As we "share" tasks between parts of the brain, activity in one part will decrease as activity in another part increases; so as we focus on a conversation, for example, activity in the parietal lobe will decrease (by as much as 37% says a study by Carnegie Mellon University) " when it comes to us talking on the phone and driving our attention gets divided sometimes creating what is called inattention blindness which causes the driver…

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  • Neural Basis Of Decision-Making Process Analysis

    The ventral tegmental area (VTA) in the midbrain contains DA; which contributes to reward evaluation. The neural linked to reward consists of the basal ganglia, the amygdala, and the hippocampus, as well as to cortical regions like the medial frontal lobe (Textbook). Costa, Tran, Turchi and Averbeck (2014) concluded that monkeys prefer a novel choice option to a familiar one when their DA transporter was blocked. The researchers also showed that DAT blockade led monkeys to assess and choose…

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  • Rs-Fmri Analysis Essay

    Eigenvector centrality, which a measure utilized in graph theory, connectivity was obtained. The results manifested connectivity decline in left ventromedial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC), bilateral midcingulate cortex (MCC) and right superior parietal lobe. An increase in functional connectivity was visualized in bilateral cerebellar regions I to VI. Further a correlation of WML score and Eigen value centrality map informed a decrease in connectivity in bilateral vmPFC, PCC, left supplementary…

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  • Judge Kaddos Case Study

    I began my Friday by going to Judge Kaddo to see the new asbestos case. Before that, I did go by Judge Lippitt’s court room. Judge Lippitt had told me to come back to observe the motions in limine of the case. Judge Kaddo’s trial was just starting, but it looked like he had to call downtown if he could proceed. Judge Kaddo started reading the preliminary instructions to the Jurors. I looked at the jury because I was here the first day they brought the first batch in and wanted to see if I…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Seizures In My Life

    A year ago I was diagnosed with simple and complex partial seizures of the temporal lobe. The kind of seizures I have are hard to describe but its kind of like being on a roller coaster. You're strapped in and you can feel the tension as you know its going to happen, and you know its going to be scary. Once you reach the top of the roller coaster you get a weird feeling in your stomach, just like you do before your seizure happens . Sometimes you experience a very strong, awful feeling of Déjà…

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  • When Do Kids Become Adults Essay

    When do kids become adults? A child becomes an adult when all of the frontal lobe is completely developed. Although it has become controversial, kids can not be held to the same standards as adults because their brain does not work in the same way. The reason this topic is so important is because the strictness of punishment for any child whose brain has not developed yet, especially those who only commit minor crimes. Most parts of the brain that control decision-making are not…

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  • Effects Of Augmentative And Alternative Communication

    Augmentative and Alternative Communication, or AAC, is a major method of treatment for aphasia. This treatment allows the individual with aphasia to be a conversation partner and engage in communication that may have been limited before treatment. It is crucial with aphasia to begin fostering communication through AAC very early on in the treatment process. These AAC devices can include low-technology device or high-technology devices (Fried-Oken, Beukelman, & Hux, 2011). One type of AAC…

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  • Is Adhd A Real Medical Problem?

    Is ADHD a real medical problem? ADHD has been one of the most controversial topics in the medical field till this day. Many believe it may or may not be an actual medical disorder. Even though many people believe that this isn’t a medical disorder there is thousands of research projects, studies and reports that state otherwise and numerous medical organizations that help advocate this reasoning. While many may still try to rebut this idea research has proven that ADHD is an actual disorder.…

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  • Cause And Effect Of Substance Abuse

    Substance abuse has many contributing factors. Substance abuse is the excessive use of drugs and or alcohol. Many people don 't understand why abusers become so dependent on drugs. People who use drugs for a long time can change the structure and function of the brain(webmd). This leads to the impairment of a person 's self-control and the ability to make smart decisions(webmd). Ultimately making the user take more drugs. Using and abusing are two different matters. when someone is using drugs…

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  • Youth Crime Research Paper

    With today’s fast paced society we are able to watch and see how different people live their lives everyday. Some of us are not very concerned with keeping up with the rich and famous, instead there are people who are interested in the lives of people who are in someway underprivileged. With today’s prison system we are seeing how underprivileged criminals are, especially juvenile criminals who we are completely doing a disservice to by locking them up and throwing away the key so quickly…

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