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  • In The MRI Scanner (SCWT Vs. The Flanker Task)?

    Differences between our own findings and the results obtained in 2014 by Chuang et al. (frontal lobes vs parietal lobes) most probably result from using different cognitive tasks in the MRI scanner (SCWT vs the Flanker Task). It is significant, however, that the results obtained with the magnetic resonance correspond to the results of the neuropsychological examination. The asymmetry of inhibitory processes (which are needed for correct executive control) is reflected in poor performance in…

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  • Moral Punishment: Dick Hickock Does Not Deserve To Die

    Elliott de Bruin Block 7 10/12/15 Dear Judge Smith, Dick Hickock does not deserve to die. The death penalty is not a justifiable or moral punishment for Dick Hickock’s actions on the night of November 15, 1959, because he is mentally impaired, which causes him to act antisocially and impulsively without thought of future consequence. Additionally, the only crimes he committed that night were breaking and entering and robbery. Dick Hickock’s actions are a result of a mental condition he…

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  • The Secret Life Of The Brain Analysis

    concepts. After watching the video episode of The Secret Life of the Brain, the course concept that comes to mind are the Frontal lobe (Prefrontal cortex) of the brain and the amygdala. First, when watching the video episode, the episode discussed how the frontal lobe entitles how the brain helps humans to engage with each other and our environment. However, the frontal lobe becomes a contributing factor of how the psychological disorder of depression arises for patients such as, Lauren. For…

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  • Children Exposed To Screen Time Essay

    researchers that television can help with some lingual and visual development, children twenty-four months and younger do not receive any benefit from screen time through television. Television causes structural damage to their brain in the frontal lobe, cerebral cortex, and many other parts preventing them from becoming well developed and capable adults. As well as brain damage it also causes behavioral problems and lifestyle changes. Therefore, children under two years old should not exposed…

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  • Brain Rule In John Medina's Brain Rules

    What exactly is something that would be considered as a “brain rule”? These rules include things, which scientists know for certain about how the human brain operates. The human brain is a fundamental, physical system that requires sleep, exercise and proper nutrition in order to function optimally. The body and the mind aren’t separate things; the human brain is a physical system which has needs that are physical. John Medina goes into detail in his book, “Brain Rules” about how an individual…

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  • Gender And Handedness

    Decisions in life are inevitable, and although unavoidable, a majority of the decisions made with everyday behavior are repetitively overlooked. One of the most frequently disregarded decisions made in everyday life is which hand to use when performing actions such as grasping, writing, lifting, and gesturing. Copious studies suggest that the posterior parietal cortex is of paramount importance when executing hand actions and motions. Comparatively, past experiments exhibit bilateral posterior…

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  • Essay On Future Transitions

    Jay does not feel very independent living with his mother. He has stated his interest in getting a job, however, his mother does not allow him to get a job because it will affect his eligibility for his disability benefits. It appears that he does not feel to have any personal control in making his own choices. This can be a reason in which his relationship with his mother is considered to be just “okay”. In a person’s life course, the past shapes the future. Transitions in one’s life can…

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  • Case: The Curious Case Of Phineas Gage

    The Curious Case of Phineas Gage Phineas Gage is among one of the earliest known survivors of a major brain injury. Gage’s brain was severely injured upon working on a railroad near the town of Cavendish, Vermont. With the occurrence of the injury, Gage should have experienced not only major bodily damage, but also severe mental complications. After the incident, Gage barely escaped death, struggling to survive with a large hole in his head. This wasn’t the only issue observed with Gage after…

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  • Self-Control Case Study

    Those who open attack on several innocent people are often questioned on their motive for the occasion. For instance, everyone remembers the Sandy Hook shootings, but the motive was not completely clear. This event in Newtown, Connecticut in 2012, was a such a gruesome thing to learn about. Adam Lanza, the killer, shot his own mother and then continued his shooting spree to at Sandy Hook Elementary School. News reports have noted that Adam Lanza was fascinated or “obsessed” with mass murderers…

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  • Essay About Identity

    My reaction to the subject of identity helped me to fully understand it. After reading the text book todays lesson and my personal experiences I fully realize how important identity has been in my life. In the class activity and lecture, I was fully able to understand the concept of identity. I found that with the photo you asked us to pick out and the group conversation, I understood identity and how we develop identity. My photo was a picture of me and my sister at her high school graduation,…

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