Is Adhd A Real Medical Problem? Essay examples

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Is ADHD a real medical problem? ADHD has been one of the most controversial topics in the medical field till this day. Many believe it may or may not be an actual medical disorder. Even though many people believe that this isn’t a medical disorder there is thousands of research projects, studies and reports that state otherwise and numerous medical organizations that help advocate this reasoning. While many may still try to rebut this idea research has proven that ADHD is an actual disorder. Through vast amounts of research, we have come to slowly understand many different things about ADHD. One of the most important findings is what ADHD is actually classified as, ADHD is neurological disorder that causes a developmental impairment of the brain. These impairments consist of organizing skills, motivation, attention issues, effort managements, processing information, memory issues and many more developmental issues. With the power of research, we have not only understood what ADHD is we have found also that there is not only one type of psychiatric ADHD there are several. According to doctor Amen the first type of ADHD is classic which is a combination of both hyperactive and impulsiveness. The second is Inattentive ADHD where people who are diagnosed have a shorter attention span. The third type of ADHD is over focused which occurs when there’s too much activity going on in the brain. The fourth type is limbic ADHD which is a combination of dysthymia, or…

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