Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

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ADHD stands for Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder. To define the term it is a chronic condition including attention difficulties, hyperactivity, and impulsivity. It is a very common disorder found in the classroom and the workplace. It is found mostly in an age group of 3 to 17 year olds. A lot of adults don’t realize that they have it and they don’t want to believe they have it. 1 in 3 children have ADHD in every classroom of 30 kids. More boys have it than girls because they show up different in our bodies due to hormones. This disorder is just now common because we just got data and technology to prove people’s finding of the attention disorder. You can be born with it, but you have also get it different way. If you have
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In a PET scan is where they can see which parts of your brain is low functioning, and see have bad your ADHD is. Each kid has different symptoms of ADHD and shows different signs also. Studies say if you cut back all sugars and sodium in your kids daily meal, they will not show their disorder as normally as other children with an overload of sugars. With ADHD your brain is wired differently than what you would call a “normal kid”. Children may not want to be social with another. They tend work alone with groups and play by themselves on the playground in in a classroom. There is three types of ADHD in child, which are the different levels of the disorder. The first one is a Combined typed, which your kid shows inattentive/ hyperactive/ impulsive. Children with this type of level of ADHD are what doctors and scientists call a very common form or level of ADHD. Next there is hyperactive/ impulsive type. Children with these two side effects of ADHD, but they are able to pay attention. They are able to learn and to be very smart, but they can’t sit still is where the average classroom problem comes from. The last one is inattention type. This type was called ADD, what the children are not overly active when can be a side effect of a mild ADHD disorder. They may want sit inside or playing video game rather than playing with children their age. These kids are very respectful and quiet in the classroom and other actives where children are …show more content…
At a young kid, all kids are hyper and not wanting sit still. So why would they just hand you drugs that they give about to every other parent that bring their kids into the office. Some other ways of treated it, are special learning education programs or see a psychologist. You need to learn as much as you can about ADHD as you can. To be able to look at all your choices and what is best for your child. It’s not good for your children’s immature body to be on medications for a long period of time. So behavioral therapy may be the way to go. But your children may have better social skills and may excel at school at a fast pace. There are two forms of behavioral treatments for your children. It really depends on how old your kid is and how mature they are to understand what they are being told.The first one is social skills training. This helps by teaching a child to develop and maintain social relationships. The other one is support groups and parents skills training. This helps the children and their caregivers learn understand what their child is going throw.The understand how they feel and what to do in different problem like in the classroom or even the workplace. The treatment may not work on your child. Both of you are going to have to learn to cope with the

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