Effects Of Attention Hyper Activity Disorder

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Attention Hyper activity disorder is a common disorder diagnosed in children ages four to eighteen. It occurs in approximately three to five percent of school aged children while also carrying into adulthood. According to the American Psychological association “an inattention and hyperactivity/impulsivity that interferes with a students development and functioning in multiple settings, including school” DSM-5. ADHD affects many different functions including academic and social. The statistic is significantly higher than previously as new technologies are being developed to diagnose it. The increasing diagnosis of the disorder according to Eric Taylor that it is the “recognition of the disorder rather than the true prevalence”(Taylor 127) ADHD …show more content…
There are formally three types of ADHD predominately inattentive predominately hyperactive-impulsive and a combined type of both. Predominately inattentive characteristics include but not limited to, makes mistakes with school work, organization, forgetfulness, distracted easily from a task, when directly spoken to is not retaining information, unsuccessful when finishing school work, organization of tasks and activities APA p.92. A key difference is Predominately hyperactive-impulsive tend to distract the whole class where the other type do not. That leads to their needs being over looked some of the time. The diagnosis of the hyperactivity is they tend to be fidgety, impulsive, unable to sit still, talks a lot, tends to run along with act out of impulse, engaging with peers is often quit difficult in social situations. Adding impulsivity the student often interrupts the speaker, quick to respond with out processing, and difficulty taking turns. The most common type is two combined which accounts for… statistic number According to the DSM-IV-TR diagnosis they are three types of ADHD. The first is predominantly inattentive, predominately hyperactive-impulsive and combined …show more content…
A statistic stated about twenty-seven percent of children who have a diagnosed case of ADHD it is said that one or more of the parents have ADHD that is diagnosed and undiagnosed.
Medication is a controversial issue. Scientifically proven that medication can increase attention, but that comes with a cost. Most medication has side effects. That means the side effects are different for every

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