The Benefits Of Multitasking

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Since multitasking is here to stay, there are a couple suggestions on how to be able to manage multitasking and use of technology. One of the ways is to work on a single task before moving on. The reason being, when we are assigned a task, the prefrontal cortex of the brain takes control and assigns different parts of the brain to handle them, (Shao & Shao, 2012,p.77). By being focused on one, we ensure the fact that task will get completed. Think of a To Do List. How many times did it seem like many of the items were not crossed off (ie. completed), but many of them were started and left open? That’s an effect that multitasking can give off. Lots of activity going on, but that does not necessarily equate to productivity. Continuously …show more content…
Anne Zacharias who is an author, productivity expert and director of PEPworldwide USA, a company aimed at personal and business performance efficiency offers 6 tips to becoming more productive by actually avoiding multitasking. This includes focusing on one task for a certain period of time before moving on to another project (as previously mentioned). One recommendation is for twenty minutes at a time since our attention span is about twenty minutes before we need a refresher, (Davis, Balda & Rock, 2014). Zacharias also suggests purposely scheduling time for individual tasks through the use of a planner/agenda, turning off distractions for a period of time, seeking a quiet place to work, reducing clutter and focusing on work when at work, (Zacharias). Similar to a desire to want to lose weight and have a healthier lifestyle, it’s not easy and it does not happen overnight. It takes discipline, time, and commitment implementing these strategies on a consistent basis. The benefits include increased learning and productivity which include a higher number of tasks completed with thoroughness and

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