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  • Rehabilitation In Nursing Home Care

    residents’ independence and rehabilitation, involve residents in recreational activities, and help the resident’s care for themselves. This makes it possible for residents to be released, but provides a boost for their self-esteem despite living in a nursing…

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  • Kamehameha Nursing Home: A Case Study

    120 residents in Kamehameha Nursing Home who suffered physical injuries because of falls. This is an alarming rate as the number of falls tremendously increased. Because of the alarming increased rate of fall in Kamehameha Nursing Home, needs assessments were conducted to identify risk factors and ways to address it. The aims of the needs assessment were: a. Determining the causes of falls b. Determining the effects of falls to the residents of Kamehameha Nursing Home c. Determining fall…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Living In A Nursing Home

    When family members bring their loved one to live in a nursing home, they might be thinking things like, they’re going here to die, or I hope they don’t hate me for this. On the other hand, the resident may be thinking, Great, they’re leaving me here to die in this place. While that may be true, in most cases they will quickly learn that it is just the opposite. As a nursing staff member, I hear nursing homes commonly referred to as an end of life care facility. However, I believe it is more…

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  • Long Term Care In Nursing Home

    This knowledge allows nursing home administrators to implement the necessary nursing care, drug administration or rehabilitation to successfully treat a resident or improve their standard of living. Communication skills and very important and clinical experience in bedside manners are essential for working with residents with possible mental impairments. Nursing home administrators act as the patient’s liaison between staff and doctors. They must…

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  • Nursing Homes

    Nursing Homes at A Glance Nursing homes along with other healthcare facilities have been around for a long time. There are different myths that seem wrong about what goes on in a nursing home. Many people believe that nursing homes have nasty smells and some even believe that it is a bad place to be. In the United States everyone is always busy and do not have the time to take care of other people. Nursing homes are wonderful places which were made for people who can not get taken care of by…

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  • Nursing Home Observation

    Environment, Occupation model please answer each separately a. Person- who are the clients receiving services at your fieldwork site (age group, types of dx, etc.) My fieldwork site that I have been observing is an Essex Park Rehabilitation and Nursing Center. At my work-site, clients who are receiving services are those who need long-term care, had a stroke, organ failure, dementia, amputation, brain tumor, multiple sclerosis, bone fractures, schizophrenia, etc. So far, patients that I have…

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  • The Importance Of Quality Of Care And Life In Nursing Homes

    the care received in the nursing home. There were many authors writing of the quality of care and life in nursing homes. I came across many researches and articles dealing with the topic. Throughout my conductive research I have discovered that there are different contributors that determines the quality of care and life. There are different varieties of contributors that determine the quality of care and life. In the United States the long-term care facilities, nursing homes, are common places…

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  • Analysis: My Visit To Coliseum Park Nursing Home

    DATE I visit the Coliseum Park Nursing Home which is also called the Virginia Rehabilitation Center on October 27, 2015. LOCATION The location of the Coliseum Park Nursing Home is 305 Marcella Road in Hampton, Virginia. ASSISTANCE I assist with an activity with the senior citizens and assist the senior citizen to their rooms at my visit of the Coliseum Park Nursing Home. The Recreation Director, Deborah Adams gather the residents in a small room that was next to the dining room. We were going to…

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  • Nursing Home Research Paper

    Our textbook describes a grim picture of nursing homes. There are some sugar nursing homes operating in the United States, and they should be closed. There are many high quality nursing homes around the country in which older people thrive and not only live there. There are qualities that make nursing homes to be at a “gold standard.” “Qualities of housing and neighborhood gain saliency as age-related decrements in sensory-motor processes, strength and endurance, and health, financial, and…

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  • Nursing Home Interview Report

    Golden living nursing home on a warm Saturday afternoon. I interviewed him at a nursing office to maintain privacy and confidentiality. In order to make him feel comfortable and share some personal information with me, I asked about his favorite vacation locations. He did not have any because he did not go on vacations…

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