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  • Personal Narrative: My Job As A CNA In A Nursing Home

    My Job as a CNA in a Nursing Home I work as a CNA, and while the job can be hectic, it can also be very rewarding. My first thought after I decided to get into this profession was, “what was I thinking”. After you get into a routine it’s a great experience. You make friends and it turns into sort of a big family environment. It also comes with the disagreements of being in a family. One of the most rewarding parts of this job is getting the feeling of helping people. Sometimes we are all they…

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  • Communication Barriers In A Nursing Home

    Being a certified nursing assistant (CNA) for elderly comes with many challenges, and I didn’t discover this until after did my clinical at a nursing home. There, I observed many opportunities for learning and growth in long-term care. With the permission of my instructor, I explored around and had a little time to communicate with the senior citizens. I continued to make observations and found that communicating with the elderly presents difficulties that impact the CNA’s ability to implement…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience At A Skilled Nursing Home

    waiting for, “Congratulations! You have been chosen to complete your fieldwork at a skilled nursing facility (SNF).” I read the sentence again. “Congratulations?” I thought as I closed my computer. “There must be a mistake.” As an occupational therapy graduate student, I had already decided, working with seniors was not for me. I wanted to work with exciting clients, in an exhilarating envrioment; not in a nursing facility. However, as I had just learned, I would I would be stuck there for the…

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  • Elder Abuse Is Everyone's Problem Analysis

    nicotine on the walls. So Harriette called the health department and the police because they were abusing the grandma by having her living in unacceptable conditions. Also, most elders are abused in nursing homes, there was a report in Maine, where a grandfather who was sexually abused in a nursing home in 2006. The grandfather said that it was a man and he would not describe what he did to him. Since the abuser was over 18 he paid the…

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  • Long Term Care: A Case Study

    think they will need a LTC services especially, a nursing home. However, in order to sustain the current system one needs to examine how the baby boomers are going to pay for LTC services, either through insurance or savings. It is critical that policymakers need to “reform the current system to ensure that tomorrow’s retirees have access to high quality care without bankrupting future generations” (Calmus,…

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  • Conflict Management In Nursing

    often an issue in the work place, however in the nursing field managing conflict or differences is always a factor in decision-making and care giving. Making ethical decisions based on what the patient wants, family wants, and what the policies say can be challenging when making decisions. Myself, who has only worked in a nursing home setting has seen conflict between upper management, lower management, and family. Looking into ways of how nursing homes find ways to have job satisfaction was…

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  • Elderly Abuse Research Paper

    Elderly Abuse Abuse is a serious crime that happens every day, but little do many realize that there is such a thing called elderly abuse among us. We tend to think that the staff and the elderly patients in the facilities, as we call them residents, wouldn’t create any harmful attacks on a resident that one may love the most. There are multiple types of abuse such as physical, sexual, neglect, financial, and emotional. Any type of these abuses can cause a resident to become depressed and make…

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  • Health Care Trends In The 1980's

    Portland, Oregon as an alternative living options for older adults who were unhappy with nursing homes. It provided a type of elderly care that offered a level of attention and independence less than a nursing homes, but more than an independent living situation. The rapid growth of this industry over the next twenty years was due to the changing attitudes of consumers who viewed the institutionalized style of nursing homes and rumors of mistreatment and neglect as no longer acceptable for most…

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  • Long Term Care Abuse

    care including home health care and skilled nursing…

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  • Doctor Interview

    Then you can locate community resources and services available to meet those needs (e.g., religious, civic, educational, visiting nurses, physical and mental therapy services, home health aides, housing, transportation, in-home meals, and case management). Having this knowledge will make you a very informed caregiver. Health screenings and assessments can help distinguish a temporary decline from long-term deterioration in health. Medical tests can…

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