Similarities And Differences Of Nursing Homes

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Andy D. Garcia
English 130
Zakaria Naiyer
12 November 2017
The Similarities and Differences of Nursing Homes; do they help?
Thesis: Everyone has their own opinions on nursing homes, some people would like to think they are bad but do save many seniors. The reason for that being is because sometimes many senior citizens lose family and are alone which is not the best option. It is also not the best place to send any senior because it shows how it is the last resort they are sent to. The only question that has to be answered for nursing homes is if it would be the best decision to send any loved one to any nursing home.
I. The reason for the question is because every day there are many senior citizens being sent to nursing homes to be taken care
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It does sound selfish but it is more contented to leave any loved one with someone who can actually help and watch them at all times as well. It shows how nursing homes are actually the better result but all depends on the environment, how the environment is and if the senior is comfortable for where they will be living.
II. Right now, many seniors are worried about being placed in a senior home knowing it is not the best state of place to be living at.
A. A senior home is not bad or is the best, it is only used for any loved ones who cannot take care of their loved ones anymore or those who cannot fend for themselves.
1. As of now it is show that almost 1.3 million senior citizens are living in nursing homes and shows many seniors living on their own.
a. Senior citizens are mostly looked forward to being watched over but sometimes it is better to be around people who can watch over you whenever a situation happens.
III. Depression really hits hard for anyone, imagine being taken away from the loved ones that have always been with you and then it all disappears. A. It is not a problem being in a nursing home but for many senior citizens see being in a nursing homes as they final years. 1. As well as many senior citizens might have lost everyone in their families where they are just alone and start to feel the sense of negativity
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The study authors used data from the health and Retirement Study to describe the lengths of stay of older adults who resided in nursing homes at the end of life. B. What they found was that out of the 8,433 study participants who died between 1992 and 2006, 27.3% of resided in a nursing home prior to their death. 1. 70 percent actually died in the nursing home without being transferred to another setting like a hosipital. a. Although analysis of the data to determine the average stay for a temporary rehabilitation patient versus a long term care patient is not entirely possible; we can get a good idea from the average length of t=stay for current residents versus length of stay for discharged residents during the year.
b. Since the majority of discharges during the year will be short-term patients we can assume that many of these were in care for rehabilitation.
c. Many of the patients who are currently in care have probably been there at least a year or more and are most likely to be long term care patients. 2. According to the data the average length of stay for current residents is 835 days an for discharged residents is 270 days. a. But we also know from data from the CMS that the average for a Medicare rehabilitation patient is about 23

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