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  • Long V Nursing Home

    relevant regulations are interpreted, a court would likely find that “[a] nursing home has a general duty to protect its patients from injuring themselves,” and “[e]vidence of a known risk is often the basis of a finding of negligence.” Smith, supra, at § 20.03[5], [6]. For example, in the illustrative and persuasive, but non-binding case of Long v. HCA Health Servs. of Tenn., Inc., 2002 Tenn. App. Lexis 211, a patient at a nursing home was identified as being a high risk for sustaining injury…

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  • Private Nursing Home Case Study

    businesses including hospitals and nursing homes, they are undertaking the same obligations that private and public businesses undertake. Government immunity may apply to responsibilities that are solely held with government obligations including policing and public safety, governing populations through legislature and other tasks that neither public nor private business can perform. When the government is functioning in a business capacity by operating a nursing home, they are joining the…

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  • Home Health Care Essay

    Home health care and hospice workers that are highly skilled, compassionate and care for the aging society. There are numerous hospice and home health care available throughout Mobile country that provide excellent service to all people from all various culture and Socioeconomics status to assist families and the person. For Example Alacare, Gentiva Hospice, and Aseracare. One organization that stands out is Aseracare, which is part of a larger organization called Golden Living Corporation that…

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  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Nursing Home

    have thought about my career a lot growing up. I have come to the conclusion that I would like to go into a profession where I can help people. This puts me in the position that I can choose from a variety of careers. My first choice would be a nursing home administrator and or owner. This requires a college degree along with another two years in graduate’s school. This job also commands social skills and the ability to keep calm in any situation. The job requires a calm, collected, friendly…

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  • Japanese Nursing Home Research Paper

    Tokyo, Japan many of the nursing homes primary owners are the land owners themselves and some time in many cases the nursing homes facilities run as the family business of few generations. As we know that the Japanese nursing homes patients only pays 10 percent of the taxes out of their pocket for the services they are getting in the nursing homes and since prices are fixed by government, so nursing homes cannot raise the price as they want or even in loss the nursing homes cannot close down the…

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  • Grandpa's Ability To Go Into A Nursing Home

    hurt enough that they had to go to the hospital. She had all of them sit on the couch. “Well Grandpa has to go into a nursing home, Grandma can not take care of him no more.” The woman said it with such a nice calm voice. Even though it was a really bad thing, she just made it sound like no big deal, but inside she was freaking out, because her dad was going into a nursing home because he was very ill. That woman would be my Mom. She was able to smile a little to help her four innocent kids, my…

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  • Special Exits By Joyce Farmer: Analysis

    parent’s death (Vankin, 2010). The fourteen chapters in the graphic memoir discussed topics that most people fear and deny, the aging process. Farmers’ father Lars and stepmother Rachel experience dementia, hoarding, depression, lack of medical care, nursing home issues, and death. I am a little perplexed why Farmer created the avatar Laura representing herself as the daughter in the graphic memoir when the story is about parents. Is Farmer reflecting on her experience as a caretaker or…

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  • Nursing Home Activism Action Essay

    shift with my friend Justin at a nursing home for the elderly. Since I will be discussing different details of the shift in this essay, I will leave the name of the nursing home disclosed. However, I can say that it is located in the Pickerington area which is very close to where I live. Going in to this I truly wanted to find out not necessarily the working conditions and of the employees, but to see how they treated the elderly and the sick at the nursing home. Since in class we’ve discussed…

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  • Effects Of Elderly Abuse In Nursing Homes

    Physical abuse of elderly patients in nursing homes When family members leave their loved ones in nursing homes, it means they have big trust toward the care givers and generally the company. The family members have expectations for the health professionals to perform the best quality care as well as having high level of ethical and moral behaviors for their loved ones. When health professionals perform the best care and treat the residents in the proper way, not only it gets easier for them…

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  • Medicare Coverage Case Study Examples

    neurologist. Following her hospitalization stay, she is transferred to a skilled nursing facility (SNF) for rehabilitation. After a 30-day stay at the SNF, she is still unable to return home due to the severity of her disability. She transitions to a nursing home for custodial care, where she remains for the next 3-months. After this time passes, she becomes well enough to go home,…

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