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  • Health Care Center Mission Statement

    Client’s need is addressed and is provided with additional support. Most of the clients are rapidly assisted and taken into consideration when referred to In-Home Support Services, Access, and social security because the center has built good communication throughout the years. Some funding that Ramona Adult Day Health Care Center receive is from Administration of Aging, Department of Health and Human Services…

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  • The Nursing Home: A Short Story

    was then when my Aunt Sara had told us she was not at the hospital anymore but a nursing home because she was better. My mom grew sullen with Aunt Sara and asked her why she did not inform us earlier. I was angry as well but relieved she was out of the hospital. So we were off to the nursing home. I could not wait to see my lovely grandma again. Little did I know what was to come. I was disgusted by the nursing home. A women in a pink nurse’s outfit came and showed us where my grandma’s room was…

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  • Nursing Home Administrator Essay

    Healthcare Administrator Interview I was really excited to interview a nursing home administrator. Nursing home administration seemed to appeal to me more as the baby-boomer population is going to be living longer and growing. When I was interviewing the nursing home administrator I learned a lot from the experience. The first thing I learned was that it was a very challenging environment. My prior perception was that being a nursing home administrator would be easier than other areas of health…

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  • My Experience In A Nursing Home

    wanted to do my field work in a nearby nursing home that I had never visited. I set out to learn about the quality of life that elderly people had in the nursing home and what contributed to that quality, either good or bad. I called ahead to get permission to do this assignment and get access to various areas of the building. I did not give a specific time or day so that I could ensure as natural setting as possible with no special accommodations from the home. I was allowed to make my…

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  • Essay On Nursing Home Communication

    My first day in the nursing home I shadowed a certified nursing assistant. I thought I knew all there was to know about communicating until I began working with the elderly. My perspective immediately changed as I interacted with the residents. Whether transporting residents or attending to their needs, I observed that many of the elderly residents avoided eye contact and did not speak unless it was necessary. It seemed as though typical communication styles that I was use to, were not the norm…

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  • Elderly Issues In Nursing Home

    Elderly people and nursing homes tend to make others uncomfortable or squeamish for many reasons, whether it be a disease they have or just because people don’t know how to treat them. At Bethesda nursing home, the workers deal with these elderly on an everyday basis this does not make it any easier for the them to get over that uncomfortable feeling that many people get. This causes problems for the workers because they then are not able to perform their jobs quickly and swiftly. The main thing…

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  • Nursing Home Case Study

    I have been working in a nursing home for a little over a year as a dietary aide and have witnessed many problems within the dietary department. The root cause to all of the problems in the dietary department is bad management from my former manager, Sara. Sara was the dietary manager whose job was to manage the kitchen staff, order food and supplies, and plan out meals and snacks for special events at the nursing home. Bad management existed in the kitchen because Sara gave overtime to her…

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  • Disadvantages Of Nursing Home Care

    that the best care of older people can only taken when they are cared for in an environment in which they are familiar. Elder people often have a weak memory and therefore it is difficult for them to prosper in an uncertain environment such as a nursing home. Meal preparation also allows older people to work closely with a dietitian to prepare a meal schedule that provides them with all the necessary constituents needed for good health. It allows caretakers such as the children of older parents…

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  • Long Term Care Case Study

    Helping him on the things to consider when choosing a long-term facility for his mom, I know would help him to effectively deal with his mom lifetime disability. Choosing a nursing home for a family member can be one of the most difficult decision anyone ever has to make. The fact that a loved one has to move a family member from the home that they have known for over 20 years into long-term care means that he or she is in a vulnerable…

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  • Long V Nursing Home

    relevant regulations are interpreted, a court would likely find that “[a] nursing home has a general duty to protect its patients from injuring themselves,” and “[e]vidence of a known risk is often the basis of a finding of negligence.” Smith, supra, at § 20.03[5], [6]. For example, in the illustrative and persuasive, but non-binding case of Long v. HCA Health Servs. of Tenn., Inc., 2002 Tenn. App. Lexis 211, a patient at a nursing home was identified as being a high risk for sustaining injury…

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