Elderly Falls In Nursing Home

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Running Head: PICOT and Scholarly Project - Elderly Falls in the Nursing Home 1

PICOT and Scholarly Project - Elderly Falls in the Nursing Home

NSG- 603: Application of Nursing Research

Maneca Jean-Baptiste, MSN, FNP-C

Wilkes University

PICOT and Scholarly Project - Elderly Falls in the Nursing Home 2

PICOT and Scholarly Project - Elderly Falls in the Nursing Home


One of the major issues faced by healthcare organizations is elderly falls. They account for the largest number of adverse events reported in various practice care settings and are the second most common cause of harm to patients. A fall is an event that results when an individual inadvertently comes to rest on
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These are a few factors that have been linked to elderly falls. Each year about 1,800 older adults in the nursing home die from fall related injuries and those who survive have lasting disabilities which reduces their quality of life. If nursing home falls continue to occur, by 2030 the fall rate will rise to about 3 …show more content…
Most of her recognition is to the nursing field were she was conducive in promoting modern nursing practice. She was instrumental in ensuring that her patients received what was needed to maintain their health. According to Nightingale (2012), the goal of nursing is “to put the patient in the best condition for nature to act upon him” (page 1). Her nursing paradigms included nursing, person, health, and environment. Her nursing paradigms can be used as the structural foundation to reduce and prevent the risk of elderly falls in the nursing home. Nursing consists of nursing staff performing hourly rounds to assist with toileting, positioning, and managing pain. These rounds will improve patient and family satisfaction because trust is developed and their families will feel more comfortable with their loved one being in a nursing home facility. This involves the promotion of health. Person consists of various dimensions composed of social, spiritual, psychological, and biological components. All these dimensions can negatively impact the health of a patient. Acknowledging this will alert nursing staff to perform thorough assessments, make appropriate diagnoses, intervene, and develop effective and realistic plans of care. Health consist of alleviating discomfort which is a component that is performed during the hourly rounds. Managing pain, turning and

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