Where Did The Residents Fell In Their Apartments?

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The residents fell in their apartments, why? What personnel, procedure, and equipment changes have contributed to the almost three-time increase in falls among residents living alone in their apartments (Primaris, n.d.)? What lack of current staff, processes, and equipment’s used within the facility has contributed to this increase in falls? Where did the resident fall, and what was occurring before the resident fell?
Personnel to be interviewed
Administrator: What procedure, policies, and personnel do you believe influenced the increase in falls this year? What personnel, procedure, or equipment have been modified within the facility within the last year? Is there a specific fall prevention method in place? Is this method easily access and
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Are there enough nursing assistants to resident’s ratio to cover cares adequately? Tell me if the orientations and training programs are detailed enough to meet all the resident 's safety requirements, and fall preventions? What are the policies for monitoring residents, addressing the needs of the residents, and where can improvement occur? What is the plan for placement of medical equipment, and alert systems within an apartment and is it appropriate? What processes is the facility using to identify environmental risks to residents? Is the resident’s documentation complete, and where could progress directed at fall prevention be made? Could the healthcare and medical programs use improvement and …show more content…
Is communication satisfactory and can staff convey any patients risks concerns with ease to the supervisor on duty? Is the staff to staff communication an issue? What was the scene surrounding those residents who had fallen, was the floor wet, and did the incident occur on carpet or tile? Were there any abnormalities viewed in the residents or did they appear weak or disorientated and has the resident been sleeping well? Are there any distracting noises within the apartment that could cause confusion to the residents or have the residents identified anything that might be disrupting their nap or bedtime rest? Are the alert systems, wheelchairs, walker, canes, glasses, or hearing aids within reasonable reach for the resident? Is the resident’s documentation complete, and where could progress toward fall prevention be made? Could the nursing program use improvement and

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