Nursing Homes

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Nursing Homes at A Glance
Nursing homes along with other healthcare facilities have been around for a long time. There are different myths that seem wrong about what goes on in a nursing home. Many people believe that nursing homes have nasty smells and some even believe that it is a bad place to be. In the United States everyone is always busy and do not have the time to take care of other people. Nursing homes are wonderful places which were made for people who can not get taken care of by their family members. These people trust and count on the employees to keep the residents safe and comfortable. Opposed to all the perceptions of nursing homes, I went to a nursing home and observed the facility. At Delmar Gardens I conducted my observations
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There are rare cases in which this may be true, but it does not occur very often. The vast majority of healthcare providers are in the field because they want to help and are willing to make a difference in the residents’ lives. The ratings for compassionate medical care are higher now than they have ever been. 88% of the residents in nursing homes are satisfied with the care they receive, while 87% of the residents and their family members would recommend the homes to other people. The nursing homes are the perfect place for the elderly. I started my research by going up to the nursing home and asking the receptionist if it was alright for me to stay there for about an hour and watch everything that was going on. It was easy for me to get the okay because I had recently done my clinicals for my Certified Nursing Assistant program. I felt that this was the best atmosphere for me especially because I enjoyed the setting and the people. Based on the observations, I noticed that the staff shows so much love and care towards the residents. They make sure to decorate the home for the different seasons and holidays. This is part of what makes the residents feel more at home, …show more content…
The question that I decided to ask was “how would you describe the importance of your role in this nursing home, and how do you think the nursing home fits in the community?” I asked this question because there were a variety of ways that it could be answered. She explained to me that she felt the residents were very dependent of the care provided because most of them are week and fragile. When it came to her job she gave everything she could in order to make the residents feel loved and welcomed, because she would not want anyone mistreating her grandma, mother, and etc. Alba, the CNA, believed that most times nursing homes get looked down upon, but in reality it’s safer than a regular home because care is given constantly. When it comes to how it fits in the community, it is important to have due to the population growing older. She said that communication was key. It is true that communication is key between patient and care provider because knowing what a person needs is the way to help him or her. Communication is linked to efficiency in work and skill, “A lack of knowledge and skills can block communication, especially around the subject of death and dying” (Advance Care Planning in Care Homes, p. 555). Because people are constantly growing older, nursing homes are going to be much more needed, “the rapidly growing number of elderly persons is expected to continue and accelerate in the next decades. This can lead to an

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