Nursing board certification

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  • Shadowing The Nurse Reflection

    pediatric nursing, and although I was a patient in the PICU at one time in my life, I did not get to see or learn a whole lot about it. I was surprised to find out the nurse I was shadowing had her Associates Degree in Nursing along with some of the other nurses on the unit. For some reason, I just figured the nurses would all have their Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Stacy informed me that the nurses can have their Associates Degree in Nursing (AND), Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN),…

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  • The Importance Of Ped Nurses

    the families of the children they care for; to address their concerns, fears, problems, and options. What all exactly a Pediatric nurse varies depending on their work setting. But a few of the most important tasks according to the National Certification Board of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners and Nurses (NCBPNP/N) are: act as a child’s advocate...which means to speak out on what would be best for the child’s interests, provide supportive care to dying children, and to identify the changes in…

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  • Adequate Staffing Analysis

    In many nursing facilities, hospitals are challenged with inadequate staffing. According to Yonder-Wise (2015), staffing involves hiring and implementing capable employees to meet the needs of patient care. Staffing and scheduling are primarily the responsibility of the lead charge nurse and the unit director. Scheduling is the task of implementing the staffing plan by assigning employees to work specific hours and days. Adequate staffing is needed to assure timely identification of any change…

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  • Nurses Role In Austrila

    into other career options. The main reason for this could be the low pay levels that Nurses in Victoria are currently receiving.also the demand for nurses are increasing. main causes of nursing shortages in most high-income countries are related to demographic change: to an ageing population (). In conclution nursing it can be said that more needs to be done and more money needs to be invested in this career to encourage individuals to make this profession as there career choice. This will…

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  • Essay On Nursing Turnover

    in her article from 2011, states that the estimated turnover cost per nurse ranges from around $22,500 to almost $77,200. However, in Hillman and Foster’s article, they state that the cost can be as high as $145,000. In Pine and Tart’s article in Nursing Economic$, it says that the cost of replacing an RN can be 75-125% of their annual salary. That is for one nurse! If you have turnover rates of 50% or more that adds up to a huge loss for a hospital. However, the cost of a residency program is…

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  • Essay On Nursing Shortage In Nursing

    Nursing Shortage and Nurses Turnover Deimys D Vigil NRS 451V Nursing Shortage and Nurses Turnover Nursing shortage is an ongoing issue which seems to be affecting every medical facility. However, it has been an issue for many years, and although we continue to hear “it is getting better” from many sources, there is still a huge problem in this field and continues to be one. Nurses are often found in hard situations such as having to work long hours under conditions that cause stress and can also…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Being A Registered Nurse

    passed a state board examination and [sic] been registered and licensed to practice nursing” ( Becoming a RN is not easy, it is a rigorous task that an individual has to take for the sake of their future, but it can be done. Overall, a registered nurses job is very strenuous due to the fact that they are responsible for caring for patients and must know all history, diagnosis, information, medical records, and medicine dosage. Everything has to be correct because nursing…

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  • Registered Nursing Benefits

    After thinking and doing research, I have finally narrowed it down to the career I would like to pursue, and that happens to be registered nursing. Nursing has so many benefits and it is something that I see myself doing. I love to take care of the elderly and the sick. Even though it will require hard work, when it comes to saving lives and giving smiles, it is very rewarding. When I was a child, I would always watch medical shows and play dress up with my mother’s work uniforms. I would also…

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  • Papers On Becoming A Registered Nurse

    Nursing is a profession that will never quit developing. When I graduate I anticipate heading off to college and becoming a Registered Nurse. I enjoy taking care of others, and I aspire to something greater. That is the reason I think becoming a full-fledged registered nurse may be an extraordinary employment for me. Keeping in mind the end goal to completely comprehend the occupation of an enrolled medical attendant I have to know the kind of work done, instructive necessities, working…

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  • Head To Toe Assessment Reflection

    Today was my first day on Female Surgical Ward. The day’s objective was to perform head to toe assessment. Firstly, my preceptor introduced herself and then introduced us to the staff, before reviewing the objectives. After this, we were placed in pairs and went by a patient to perform head to toe assessment. I was relaxed and felt at ease because I had performed a head to toe assessment before, on a patient in Female Medical Ward, and in Simulation Labs. Nevertheless, I was still nervous…

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