Nursing board certification

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  • Whole Foods Blue Ocean Strategy

    As Blue Ocean Strategy is about avoiding competition and creating a new market, Whole Foods fits perfectly in this concept. Whole Foods applies a new way of providing premium foods. It has succeeded, and its market has grown and is still growing and opening in not only the United States, but also expanded to be in other countries. Whole Foods created this new unconventional market and has stayed as a number one store in it. Instead of competing with other competitors and fighting to get a…

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  • Family Nurse Practitioner

    Paper R. Michael March Vanderbilt University School of Nursing Role Preparation Paper Introduction A Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) is a health professional that specializes in the diagnoses and treatment of patients with a wide age range, from children to the elderly. They are licensed registered nurses with advance academic and clinical training affording them an increased skill set. Nurse practitioners provide both medical and nursing care under their own licenses. As healthcare providers,…

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  • American Pragmatism Theory Analysis

    focus on finding solutions collectively and through creatively, as well as, encouraging other (our patients and or fellow coworkers) “to find hope in the midst of despair” (Amer, 2013). Why do I relate to this philosophy? Probably because of how nursing is in constant motion. There are new practices and changes in old practices which creates an environment of learning every day. There is so many areas and avenues of growth within our field and I have found I love presenting teaching topics and…

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  • Nursing Career Plan Paper

    Career Planning Transition into the Professional Nursing Role I wish to obtain employment in the state of Florida. The three criteria needed according to Florida Board of Nursing is, you need to graduate from a Florida approved or accredited nursing education program. Applicant has to submit an application with all fees paid. There is a $100 application fee and $200 fee for Pearson VUE testing vendor. You are also required to have an electronic fingerprint for RN license. One of the two…

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  • The Importance Of IT Certification

    “IT certifications fill that gap between what government has failed to regulate and what should be expected of modern day IT professionals.” This is a statement from an article on called “5 Reasons Why IT Certificates Still Matter” Certifications show your employer that you have gone above and beyond your average degree. You are willing to learn and become an expert in a certain area which is what most companies are looking for. Also with the tech industry always changing and…

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  • On The Back: Conventional Or Organic Farming?

    Conventional and Organic Farming On the back. What is your final decision? Did you change your mind after our discussion? Questions for Prompting Student discussion: Organic farmers don’t use antibiotics why do conventional farmers use them. Does the use have effects on consumers? Are there any long term effects of synthetic fertilizers on the soil? Why do we have to use fertilizers for the growth of food? Can we grow enough food organically for the human population? Does organic food…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Organic Farming

    INTRODUCTION Hypothesis: to establish whether organic foods are worth the money we spend on if and how health, environment and economic factors influence our decision. Research Question: Organic foods. Why bother? Aim: To institute the fact that organic products are healthier than conventional products. The difference between farming methods and which method is more convenient. To establish whether Organic food is a passing FAD and to understand the effects organic food has on health,…

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  • Horizontal Integration In Fonterra Brands

    Horizontal integration strategies Horizontal Integration allows resource sharing at the same level of the value chain in similar or different industries (Investopedia, 2016). This allows potential competitors to merge. If this type of integration is used widely by competitors, it could result in a monopoly. This is due to these competitors having the same end goal of selling products. A horizontal integration within the organic dairy chain is the relationship between Fonterra and an American…

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  • Afghan Food In Afghan Culture

    Nan is usually flavored with nigella, poppy or sesame seeds, and is baked either in the family's own tandoor or by a nanwaee at a local tandoor bakery. In the event that the baker is a woman, grooves are made in the bread, if men, then cuts are made. One of the many things that stand out about this culture is the fact that there is a lot of prominence that is laid on the food. As a matter of fact, Afghan culture greatly adores unexpected guests. In other western cultures, people usually view…

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  • Why Is Network Security Important?

    Network security has been at the head of some stories in the news. Security is an aspect of the technology field that should be considered at all times. Not only can personal security be breached, the security of others can be affected as well. For example, the incident with the retail company Target, (Vijayan 2014) retailer 's failure to properly segregate systems handling sensitive payment card data from the rest of its network. In this paper, network segment security aspects will be discussed…

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