Nursing board certification

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  • Nurse Manager Scenario

    Top of Form After conferring with colleagues and different services here at West Palm Beach VAMC, the Operating Room nursing team could definitely say, Ms. Anna Liza Fernandez is the best nurse manager, worthy for the Secretary of the Veterans Affairs Nursing Excellence Award. She is an inspiration, an admirable leader, and a clinician who epitomizes nursing at its best. She displays a high degree of integrity, responsibility, and high proficiency in the surgical field. What makes her truly…

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  • Veganism And Environment

    Veganism is a diet and lifestyle trend that is taking over the world. Countless documentaries and scientific studies have been made to explore the different aspects of the newfound diet. Restaurants around the world are now offering vegan options as its popularity grows more and more and people choose to eat a more plant-based diet. Being vegan can be defined as someone who chooses not to eat or buy animal-based products; including meat, dairy, leather, fur or anything that is sourced from an…

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  • Organic Foods Argumentative Analysis

    Converting your diet from conventional foods to organic can not only benefit your health, but your overall improve your lifestyle. According to Mary Beth Albright, a writer, food attorney and a finalist on the Food Network’s program, Food Network Star discusses the nutritional benefits of consuming organic foods on her article, "Organic Foods Are Tastier and Healthier, Study Finds." With the help of Charles Benbrook of Washington States University and researchers of the British Journal of…

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  • Certified Health Education Specialist

    resources to educate a community in caring for ones health. Fostering the education process encourages the public to take action in regards to their health and well being, where health has not been a priority. Knowledge of health education, passing a certification exam and dedication to public health represents a few of the requirements that these individuals must master. The process to becoming a Certified Health Education Specialist involves many steps, but offers a rewarding career for those…

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  • IT Certification Essay

    have any IT certifications to my name. I interviewed with a company, but they did not offer me a position. I found that my resume lacked the education to support my experience, so I decided to pursue a Microsoft IT certification. Eighteen months later, I completed earning an MCSA certification in Windows Server. I interviewed with the same company a few weeks later, and with the new certification on my resume I received a job offer. While my own experience showed that an IT certification leads…

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  • Chapter 5 Of John Obach's Organic Struggle

    the establishment of the NOP” (138). The proponents of the organic movement, both tillers and spreaders, pushed for the acceptance and growth of the movement which resulted from the program’s creation. The debate about the importance of organic certification and the involvement of big business and agriculture involvement is still out, the resources for organic promotion which were created by the passage of the program are…

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  • Case Study: Muscle Blend

    Homepage At Muscle Blends, we believe that healthy food should be tasty, easy to prepare and affordable. Our mission is to produce delicious organic superfood blends that nourish your body and mind, making them readily available to you. We select only the highest-quality raw and organic ingredients for producing our blends, ensuring that you will be getting the healthiest, safest and most savory alternative to homemade foods whose preparation is difficult and time-extensive. Ideal for people…

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  • Organic Pesticide Research Paper

    certified farmers in the Unites States are required to have a yearly inspection by the state-run or privacy agencies approved by NOP. Certified organic farmers have to follow the rules and regulations given to them by NOP in order to keep their certification as organic farmers. Farmers land must be thirty-feet separate from non-organic land or any other conventionally land. Farmers are capable of finding less harmful ways to capture pest and fight weeds from destroying their crops. Every farmer…

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  • Case Study Of Kroger's Simple Truth Organic

    The Social factors and evaluating the market segment of Kroger’s Simple Truth Organic Consumer behavior model has turned into a critical device in comprehending customer buying choice making procedure. Consumer behavior is the investigation of how a buyer considers, feels, and chooses between contending items. Consumer behavior is the investigation of how people, groups, and associations select, purchase, utilize, and discard merchandise, administrations, thoughts, or encounters to fulfill…

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  • Whole Food Market Segmentation And Legal Case Analysis: Whole Foods

    Since Whole Foods Market launched its first store in Austin, Texas about 33 years ago, the company has continuously grown. The trend of leading a healthy life has helped the company to grow to become the national leading natural and organic grocer. The higher price range of its products has influenced Whole Foods to set its target market to more affluent people. In addition, Whole Foods' target market is people between the ages of 18 and 39 with a college education. The position whole foods was…

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